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5 Best Recipes for Cauliflower

Good reason why cauliflower has been gaining in popularity in recent. The best cauliflower recipes here are all vastly different and showcase the many uses as super food can be put to in the kitchen.

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DIY Projects to Reduce Heating Bills

If your piece of Calgary real estate could use some heating up without breaking the bank, there are plenty of great DIY projects to reduce your heating bills while still keeping your home nice and toasty.

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How to Get Fit For the Ski Slopes

Be your own body’s mechanic by preparing it to move in the most proficient way and train your muscles. Begin by standing in front of the mirror in shorts with feet parallel, in a skiing position and confirm the following.

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Installing Engineered Wood Flooring in Winter

A large amount of good quality engineered oak flooring should always have the option of electric under floor heating and should ideally be placed when the engineered hardwood planks are being laid themselves.

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