Are you one of those people who are always on the go and barely had any good night’s sleep of at least the recommended 8 hours? Why not take a break right now and take a good thirty minute nap. You’d be surprised that it’s actually good for you and has surprising positive effects for your health seeing as it helps in reducing stress and improving our mood.

In this article, here are five benefits that come from taking your siesta which gives you all the more reason to do it every day.

Boosting Your Memory

Aren’t you glad to hear this? Taking some shut eye for at least thirty minutes can help you with improving your memory and aid you in absorbing much needed information to help you with your studies. So if you have something to do that will involve your brain to work and handle information for a long time, your brain should be prepared to pay attention for this so taking a nap should be able to provide your brain its proper rest. But don’t take longer than ninety minutes because a long nap can likely leave you feeling more groggy than rested.

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Improve Your Alertness

Taking a short nap can also boost your alertness for the day. Taking at least a forty minute nap can heighten your senses once you wake up. Getting some short sleep can help in rebooting your brain. And when you wake, this naturally gets your brain going and making sure you are attentive to process more information. Awareness of your present surroundings is helpful in improving your performance in school or at work.

Prevents Information Overload

If it feels like you’ve digested a lot of data in a day and trying to take in more of what you can without rest, don’t. In actuality, it only ever results to unproductively. By the end of the day, your brain will be left feeling more exhausted and not able to process all the information it took in. It is because your brain needs breaks to take what it can. Compare your brain activity to running or cardio, if you’ve pushed your body to its limit it also needs to re-hydrate in intervals and proper rest to get back on track. It works the same way for your mind’s activity; it also exerts effort in receiving and processing information that it needs a pause to help it digest all the data.

Reduces Stress

Napping can also relieve you of your stress from your body and mind. It helps you relax and recharge. Cortisol is our body’s stress hormone and aids us make decisions in fight or flight situations. In a way, taking a nap also improves our decision making. Also, it lifts up our mood by recharging your “happy” hormones. We all know when a person is deprived of its proper sleep; they are all grumpy and a bit harder to communicate with. You don’t want to be one of those. By taking a nap, it alleviates your stress-induced body and lightens up your mood. Because, you are more relaxed because your brain had its rest.

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Lowers Blood Pressure

By getting some sleep mid-day, it helps your immune system recover. Studies show that the reclined position and a relaxed body help decrease blood pressure. And, that napping can counter the effects of sleep deprivation. Plus, it also lessens the likelihood of getting a heart attack.

Considering all the information you’ve read here, it takes for the brain to process and digest so why not take a nap right after and I assure you. When you wake up, you’ll remember all the things you’ve read before you slept. You will feel relieved and refreshed again to get back to working and getting things done for the day.

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