In the world of the natural eye makeup, the cat eye style is a true classic. It has been in existence for more than 50 years, and it was utilised by a huge range of celebrities, from movie stars from the golden age of cinema, right to the modern pop divas which captivate millions around the world. Using this feline eye makeup design provided many more ordinary women and girls with that special look which is both stylish and bold. Today, nothing has changed when it comes to the appeal that cat eyes have for those who wear them.

No matter when it is worn, this types of eye makeup still equally captivates the attendances of underground clubs, red carpets and any other event where cat eye style might be presented. Because of this fact, here are 5 natural eye makeup tips for creating elegant cat eyes for any woman or girl who wishes to wear them.



This type of natural eye makeup should be applied using a green pencil, for example, of the neon shade. Because, this form of cat eye needs to be prominent. With it, the user should outline the leaf shape and fill it with the pencil slowly and meticulously. Once it is set, green eyeliner should be used to outline the eyes and cover both upper and lower eyelids. Finally, the user should apply a substantial coat of black mascara and cover both the upper and lower lash line.



The multicoloured smoky eye is one of the trademarks of the natural eye makeup approach. The most important thing about this type of makeup is the range of colours that are used. Here, the user should choose the basic color and apply it over the upper eyelid, after which a lighter tone (or tones) should be applied. This way, the base will always produce that dark surface on which the secondary, more vibrant colours can come into focus.


In any context, lilac and purple are a very touching, gentle combination, which is cherished because of its melancholic beauty. In its case, the best approach is to gradually apply a golden eye shadow over which the two primary colours can be set. For the final touch, light black mascara will blend perfectly with the overall design of this fantastic natural eye makeup.



This form of cat eye is all about power and statement, which is why it should be provided with self-assurance. This includes starting with the pink foundation and adding a dark corner to the outer parts of the eyelids. Then, the same color should be carried over to the rest of the eyelid, up to its middle point. Lastly, strong eyeliner should be applied over the edges of the eyelids for the fuller pink & black look.

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Glitter eye is a natural eye makeup that is often neglected as a childish experiment. But, with a bit of preparation, it can look fantastic for a whole range of occasions. In this case, the biggest tip is to find the right glitter of a finer nature, avoiding big chunks. Once the base is set, it should be slowly applied and coated until it sets in and does not fall off with every movement of the lashes. Also, it is important not to miss any part of the eye, because it will clearly show any empty spots.

With these tips and ideas about using natural eye makeup, any woman and girl out there will be able to make for her the ideal cat eye makeup that will make their eyes shine with beauty and style.

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