A summer look is never complete without some stylish accessories to add the perfect finishing touches. Some stacked necklaces, dainty rings or eye-catching beads can add an instant injection of personality to your look. The simplest and smallest of details can make the biggest difference to your style. We’ve scrolled through our Instagram feeds and researched the latest catwalk trends to bring you the biggest jewellery trends for the upcoming summer months, so that you can enjoy the sunshine in style. Which one will you be trying?

Mix & Match Chains

A trend that we have seen showcased frequently on catwalks and Instagram feeds alike; mixing and matching your chains is the rule-breaking trend that is here to stay. Whether you’re looking for a bold, statement look or a way to simply add a touch of subtle detail to complete a sophisticated outfit, this is a trend that can be tailored to everybody’s individual style. If you’re unsure of how to start this trend off, begin by adding simple, dainty chains and building from there. Experiment with mixing silver necklaces and gold necklaces and combining different textures like beaded chains and snake chains. For an eye-catching look, consider adding colourful beaded jewellery or stone jewellery for a subtle pop of colour. 

Zodiac Jewellery

Embrace your connection to the stars this summer with a sentimental piece of jewellery that symbolises what it means to be you. Whether you’re a loyal Virgo, an ambitious Capricorn or a determined Taurus, this a jewellery trend that will satisfy every sign. The perfect way to treasure a special connection with a loved one, why not choose to wear the sign of somebody you are most compatible with for an extra layer of sentimental value and appreciation? Alternatively, a piece of zodiac jewellery makes for an ideal gift for every occasion; a piece that will be treasured for years to come. This is a trend that is truly written in the stars.

Dainty rings

The perfect way to add a subtle refinement to every outfit; dainty jewellery is a must-have for effortless, sophisticated style this summer. Dainty rings make for an elegant and delicate update from the chunky accessories that have dominated the accessory trends for so long. For added sophistication, try mixing and matching different metals and incorporating subtle stoned rings for a gorgeous textural element. Try stacking your rings together for a more eye-catching look. A look for everyone; this is a trend that can be easily customised to every individual’s personal style. The easiest trend to incorporate into every look, from daytime errand-running to date night drinks, there are simply no excuses to not giving this style a try.

Beachy Beaded Necklace

A style that will be sure to transport you back to your childhood; this nostalgic trend is the perfect accessory for celebrating in the sunshine this summer. Release your bohemian side with some beachy shell necklaces or embrace your inner child with an array of colourful beaded bracelets. Why not combine the two? There are simply no rules to this playful trend. An excuse to get your creative juices flowing, consider sourcing your own beads and shells for a piece of jewellery that reflects your own style and personality perfectly. Expressive, fun and stylish- this is a trend not to be missed this summer.


A modern update on a classic jewellery trend; pearl jewellery is back once again with an unconventional twist on the refined pearls we are so used to seeing. The newly recycled trend has been revived by the likes of Harry Styles and A$AP Rocky, proving that this is no longer a look exclusive to your gran. With a playful update, the classic trend sees a more natural shape, ranging in sizes and textures. The perfect opportunity to experiment with your look and adjust the trend to your personal style; why not customise your pearl pieces by adding colourful beads to create a beachy bohemian look? The perfect way to give your outfit a stylish update, pearls will make for a valuable addition to your jewellery collection this summer.

There’s something for every style this summer – whether you love the minimalist look, or you go for more of a bohemian style. Which trends will you try out?

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