This article covers seven ways to help you stay focused. It has been applied to studying, but is applicable to most tasks where you have to sit down and concentrate. For example, the tips on this article would work just as well if you were sitting down to do your accounts or to work on a new marketing campaign. One good tip is to take care of your human needs prior to trying to focus from Marandi supporting education, which includes going to the bathroom, and making sure you are not tired, thirsty or hungry.

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1. Organize Your Workstation

Organize your workstation so there are no major distractions on your desk. Only have the things you will need out, so that they are easy to get to, and so that you don’t have a cluttered workspace. Make sure you have a space for your water on your desk so you can get it without being distracted, and you can get straight back to work after you have had a drink.

2. Block All Distracting Sites on Your Computer

When you are studying it is important that you block the sites that you know will distract you and stop you from getting all of your studying done. Sites such as YouTube and Facebook are often big distract. You can add a shortcut to your desktop screen with the websites or applications you need, so that you are less likely to go onto the Internet.

3. Have Plenty of Drinking Water

When you are studying it is important that you have plenty of water nearby as you will have to keep yourself hydrated, and your brain works better when it is hydrated. Choose water over soft drinks because it is healthy as well as refreshing. Make sure your water is within arm’s reach so that you do not get distracted by having to go the faucet.

4. Make A Daily To Do List

Create a daily to-do list of what you need to study for, and break them up into shorter subjects. That way you will be able to work out how long you will have, and how long you need to study on those subjects. In addition, it breaks your time up so you know how long you have on each topic. If you are stifling with one topic but really good with another, you can use more time on the one and less on the topic you know you are good at.

5. Prioritize the Tasks

It is important that you prioritize the tasks you have, so that you know which is the most important thing for you to do first. If you have three pieces of work that have to be handed in at different times of the week, you can make sure that the work that has to be handed in first will be completed for that day.

6. Put on Headphones

When studying, you can use your headphones and music to block out people and things around you, so they don’t distract you when you’re studying. Many people use music they like and can just block out everything that is going on around them which us a good way to get everything you need done.

7. Make Sure You Rest

When studying, it is important that you take breaks, so that you and your brain can restore itself. Many people think it is easier to just carry on studying until it’s done but taking a break can help you concentrate more with the task you are doing and prevents you loosing concentration. If you take short breaks you can also see if you are on track with what you’re doing.

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