In certain parts of the world, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is legal. Such places are few and scattered all over the globe. Among them, California ranks the paramount both in terms of geographical size as well as the amount of marijuana purchased.

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The consumption of marijuana in movies and TV shows is one of the main reasons why first-timers get influenced. Celebrity influence and peer pressure also have a role to play. It is known by a host of other names (such as cannabis and pot); people have just as many reasons to try it.

While it is legally allowed to do so in certain places, there are certain specific rules that one should follow. Also, there are a host of things that first-timers need to know before making a marijuana purchase. To help you through it, here is a detailed guide.

Abiding by the rules while buying weed

The year 2016 was a significant one in the history of recreational marijuana. The Adult Use Marijuana Act made the consumption of weed legal. While this is indeed good news and you can now safely buy your first weed, here are certain legal aspects to it that you cannot ignore.

Age factor

Only people who are above the legal age of 21 years are authorized to buy cannabis. People under 21 must not consume cannabis in any form. If found guilty of doing so, charges may be pressed against the individual.

Quantity of purchase

One is allowed to buy up to 28.5 grams of cannabis plant material. If you are opting for concentrated cannabis, the limit of purchase stands at 8 grams. To purchase a higher quantity, one needs a medical prescription, and that is not recommended for newbies.

Consumption of marijuana in public

You cannot open a packet of any cannabis product anywhere in public. This is applicable in all states where consumption of recreational marijuana is legal. You must abstain from smoking weed or vaping in places such as restaurants, pubs, and buildings where cigarette smoking is illegal.

Traveling with weed

It is illegal in every state and country to drive under the influence of marijuana. Also, one must not travel across state lines with weed. This is applicable even in the case of two California states where the sale of marijuana is legal.

Gifting marijuana

The state of California allows citizens to gift each other marijuana and marijuana products. As long as you are buying within the upper limit quantity, feel free to gift your friends and family. Just make sure that the person you are gifting it to is not a minor(else both of you can land in trouble).

Parts of the marijuana plant

Before you set out to buy your first marijuana, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the plant. A typical marijuana plant has indica and saliva as its two branches. Indica is the part you need to focus on as a first-time weed buyer.

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Indica is higher in cannabidiol and is low on tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is responsible for the feel-good factor and high energy levels that one would typically associate with weed.

CBD has a muting effect on THC. That is why you should start your weed journey with Indica and not the other way round.


Marijuana products to buy

Marijuana comes in various forms, such as eatables and vaporizers. Newbies are often at a loss about which one they should choose. The idea is, to begin with, micro-dosing and initially stick to products that have less than 30% of THC.

Pre-rolled joints

For your first-time use, do not make the mistake of trying to prepare your joint. No YouTube tutorial or guidance by a friend can enable you to get the right proportions in the very first shot. Buying pre-rolled joints will allow you to make the most of the weed experience.


As a newbie, you may consider going for a simple vapouriser that comes with a host of cartridges for you to choose from. These come in rechargeable and single-use versions, and either of them is fit for you.


This one is a little tricky, and first-timers should restrict themselves to mints and candies that have 2.5 or 5 milligrams of THC. As this is your first time, you have no idea what your capacity is, and it is best to be extra cautious. Under no circumstance should you go for eating an entire pot brownie or cannabis cookie at one shot as it is your first time.

Where to buy Cannabis?

Once you have decided in which form you would like to take your marijuana, the next major question that arises in your mind will be where to purchase it. Luckily for you, you may either walk up to a dispensary or ask to have it delivered to you. Here is a set of things that you need to remember in either of the cases.



While buying marijuana from a dispensary, it is essential to note that some dispensaries are only authorized to sell medical marijuana. These require you to have a valid doctor’s letter for making a purchase.

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control has some state-licensed dispensaries that are authorized to sell recreational marijuana, and you must locate the one nearest to you.

Home delivery


Unless you are at a daycare center, school, or federal land, it will not be challenging for you to find a LA weed delivery service provider. The standard rules of procuring weed apply here as well, and you will have to show an ID proof to ascertain that you are over the legal age of 21. The Sacramento Weed Delivery Services also consist of many efficient service providers.


With these basic guidelines, you are now equipped to go ahead and buy your first marijuana product. You can freely tell your budtender that you do not have any previous experience in this.

This will prompt him not just to give you an appropriate product, but also enlighten you on what you are using and how to do it the right way. Make sure to do proper research before deciding on the product you want to buy and also the service provider.

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