So many things have been said and claimed about what truly makes skin healthy and beautiful even as it grows older and more mature. Even as countless anti-aging products are vying for your undivided attention (and your hard earned dollar), there are certain treats you can give your skin periodically to keep it looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

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The Five Anti-Aging Skincare Tips You Can Reward Yourself With:

Below are five anti-aging skincare tips you can follow that redound to significant changes in your skin health and how it ages:

  1. Use sunscreen regularly. Sun is your skin’s top enemy when it comes to damage and aging. If only you can put on non-toxic sunscreen religiously, you will be taking huge steps and rake in huge benefits in your quest to delay skin aging.
  2. See your dermatologist regularly. No other person can better give you professional and practical advice than your dermatologist. Your dermatologist is your best source of information about changes happening to your skin as it matures and behaves differently. He or she is also the best service provider for any clinical skincare procedure that you need to be done on you.
  3. Get an Intense Pulsed Light Treatment to lighten your dark spots. This treatment is recommended for sun-damaged skin. It works by specifically targeting melanin-forming cells, literally melts it away by using invisible, broad spectrum light, and thus, stops the darkened skin from becoming larger. More studies are also supporting how IPL helps remove potential cancer-causing cells and flushes these out of your system.
  4. Avail of a Radio Frequency Wave procedure to lift your loose skin. If sagging skin is your problem, a clinical procedure that introduces minute damages deep within your skin using radio frequency waves should stimulate your skin to produce collagen in higher volumes. This makes your skin plump up and become firmer as more collagen becomes available to improve skin synthesis.
  5. Get pro-exfoliation services periodically. So, alright, you exfoliate your skin regularly in the comfort of your own home. However good that may sound, fact is, you’re still missing out on a professionally administer procedure. That uses only clinical grade ingredients and instruments. So, whether it’s a microdermabrasion, a chemical peel or some other clinical procedure, your dermatologist can always guide you in selecting the right exfoliant that works perfectly well with your skin.

A combination of practicing what are common knowledge and the latest in skincare science will give your skin a significant boost where skin results can be both visible and noticeable. For some procedures, see and feel the difference even before you step out of your doctor’s clinic.


Remember, the manner by which you treat your body will certainly be evident on your skin soon enough. If you choose to live a healthier lifestyle today, you are bound to enjoy healthier, youthful skin sooner.

If the countless skincare products and product categories available in the market today have get you more confuse than ever – know that you’re not alone. So, below are some rules of thumb concerning your daily skincare routine:

  • For your daytime routine, follow cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect skincare regimen for matured, aging skin. Use a gentle cleanser. Make sure to tone so that excess oils and other impurities stick in your pores are eliminate, allowing the beneficial ingredients in your creams to better penetrate your skin.
  • Moisturize if you have dry skin. If you have oily skin, you may skin miniaturisation in the morning or, use a lightweight cream. That will be more unlikely to cause your skin to become greasy. Make sure to incorporate a protective skincare product, most importantly sunscreen. Never go out into the open again without applying your sunscreen. Topical Vitamin C and other antioxidant applications can also play a key role in your daytime protective skincare regimen.
  • For your night time routine, follow the same process as recommended above for daytime skincare. Except, rather than protect, your primary objective for your night time skincare should be to regenerate. Enhance your skin’s natural healing functions when you sleep by applying skin regenerating products.
  • For optimal night time skin cell regeneration, check your product labels for the presence of peptides which help dramatically up your skin’s collagen and elastin levels; retinoid for smoothening and evening out wrinkles and fine lines; and, deeply moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and she a butter.
  • Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin regularly depending on your skin’s thickness and sensitivity. Exfoliation stimulates your skin to eliminate damaged and dead skin cells. While also, facilitating faster skin cell turnover which allows you to enjoy smooth, soft, undamaged young skin.
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Anti-aging skincare products can do modest, if not little, improvements as to how your skin will age. While these products can only enhance graceful aging. The changes, that will make the most difference require a change in lifestyle and a good dose of science in skin innovation.

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