Among all risk factors of diabetes, most of them are caused by wrong choices of food and unhealthy lifestyle. As much as it is true that no one has ever wanted to develop a disease in their health, but it is one self’s negligence to their health caused the disease to occur. Too much indulgence to guilty pleasures and call it comfort food due to a stressful working day. Overworking yourself out and eat the food that you consider stress reliever is both unhealthy and risky. Before it is too late, check here and this product would probably change your life. It will help you manage your blood sugar and cholesterol level which you can also tell your loved ones to save their lives.

Lifestyles You Should Avoid to Manage Diabetes

  • Not eating breakfast

You have probably heard and read this a million times already that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and as a matter of fact, it is true as the dawn will appear. Skipping your breakfast would be a wrong decision especially for someone who is already suffering from type 2 diabetes. When you do not eat breakfast you are starving yourself and your tendency is to eat a lot. In that case, your body will find it hard to digest all the food you ate, it will slow down your metabolism and the fats will be stored in the system.

  • Drinking alcoholic, sugary and flavoured beverages

There are diabetes cases where you can still drink these kinds of beverages. But for faster recovery, it is better to really abstain from those. It may be hard occasionally if your friends and relatives are drinking, that is why this step will take discipline and endurance.

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  • Improper sleeping habits

Aside from the insulin in the body finds it hard t function in the body when you deprive yourself of sleep, you also feel tired and sleepy most of the time if you lack sleep. This will result in you to crave more sweets and to feel lazy to work out. Imagine the combination of overeating sweets and physical inactivity, it will totally distort your health and diabetes will most likely be developed.


Now that you are aware of the possible causes of diabetes development in the body, you would also like to know what you should eat. After knowing what should be avoided, here are some meals that you can eat instead. Also, in this part, you might find the meals difficult to enjoy or boring, if too much indulgence to sweet brought you to have diabetes, then you should consider that you had enough of delicious guilty pleasures, it’s time you take care of your body then. You should not worry that much also because of some of these meals are not those difficult to eat:




Wheat bread Grilled chicken Roasted Turkey
Hard-boiled egg Shrimp Chicken Breast
Almonds Whole grain pasta Zucchini
Fruits rich in fibre:





Salads such as:




Salads such as:




Grilled or Boiled Sweet Potato Stir-fried veggies Peaches
Brown rice  

You do not have to eat those foods one by one. What you can do instead is to combine each one of them. For example, you can partner your wheat bread and a hard-boiled egg for breakfast. You can also add bacon but just make sure to eat a moderate amount so it will not break your diet. Then add fruits for desserts and you already have a heavy breakfast. With that, you will feel full for hours and you do not have to overeat at lunch. You can have stir-fried veggies or salad for lunch. Or if it will be a long afternoon, you can add grilled chicken. You can experiment with the meals on the chart depending on your mood or cravings. In that case, you will start to feel the difference.

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Just to add some tips, you now know that you should avoid skipping breakfast, and one of your excuses probably is because you do not have enough time to eat.  What you can do instead is prepare your breakfast at night. You can slice the fruits and put them in the fridge. Also, you can cook your sweet potato and then put it in the fridge then reheat it in the morning. It is up to you. You can be innovative with your meals. See, it is not boring after all. When you have diabetes it does not necessarily mean that the only meals you should eat are those tasteless and almost dry meals. No, that is the wrong mindset about diabetes meals. You can actually mix and match those foods on the chart to create a meal of your own preference which you can also share with your loved ones so you will be able to keep them healthy also while them joining you to the healthy living.

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