A vacation in Thailand is a wonderful way to break away from the chaos of everyday life. This is a top destination for travelers who want to experience peace and tranquility away from home.

If you are ready to take a break that truly leaves you feeling refreshed, both mentally and physically, then there are some amazing places in Thailand to consider.

Traveling to Thailand

The majority of foreign tourists will be able to enter Thailand without obtaining a visa first as one will be issued on arrival. However, these regulations may vary if you are traveling during the coronavirus pandemic, so it is worth doing research into the restrictions imposed on your country of origin.

Thailand is a country that is easily accessible from most international airports, although you may sometimes be required to make one or two stopovers.

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You should be prepared to spend up to 24 hours of traveling in total to reach Thailand, although this will obviously vary depending on where you are starting from and how many stopovers you take.

Once you have arrived at the airport and left your car in a safe parking spot using a service such as Parkon.com, you can switch your mind to vacation mode and start to relax!

So, where are the most refreshing and relaxing places to vacation in Thailand?

Chiang Mai

This mountainous city in the north of the country is a top choice for those who want to relax.

chiang mai temple thailand

This is a very affordable place for travelers to stay, with a wide range of accommodation types to choose from. You can fly directly to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, or you can have a more authentic experience by making your own way by train or coach.

Relaxing activities include hiking, visiting the night markets, or enjoying the street food vendors, and you can also pay a visit to the Elephant Nature Park to volunteer with these majestic animals.


This peaceful town in the west of Thailand can be reached by taking a bus for just a few short hours.

This is a great place to soak up some war history, as it is home to the famous Bridge over the River Kwai, the Allied War Cemetery, and the Death Railway.

famous Bridge over the River Kwai

If learning about history isn’t your preferred way to unwind, then there are also a number of wonderful markets to visit, such as the gemstone village. You can also enjoy some relaxing water adventures on the River Kwai, such as bamboo rafting and kayaking.

Koh Samui

No vacation in Thailand would be complete without a visit to the islands nestled in the south of the country. One island that should be top of your travel list is Koh Samui, and you can reach this island by plane, bus, or train.

The beautiful white sandy beaches of Koh Samui are the perfect place to forget your troubles while you sip cold cocktails under the sun.

sandy beaches of Koh Samui

There is also much nightlife to be enjoyed across the island with something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Enjoy Your Thai Vacation

Thailand is a beautiful country for so many different reasons. If you are lucky enough to be vacationing here, then be sure to make the most of your trip.

You will surely find that you fall in love with Thailand, and that you will be back to visit again before long!

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