Approximately 18 million men in the United States are affected by erectile dysfunction. This condition is usually defined is difficult in getting or maintaining an erection. There is no single cause for erectile dysfunction. It can be caused by a variety of medical conditions, as a side effect of certain medications, psychological reasons, or as a result of certain lifestyle choices. Different causes require different erectile dysfunction treatment options.

Long Term Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

Treat the medical condition – cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and several other medical conditions can cause erectile dysfunction. Getting treatment for the condition that is causing ED will often correct ED as well.

Change medications – someone who is on a medication that can cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect can talk with their doctor about changing medications to one that does not cause erectile dysfunction.

Talk therapy – if erections occur normally while sleeping or outside of sexual encounters, the problem may be stress or performance anxiety. In these situations talk therapy is the erectile dysfunction treatment option of choice. Talk therapy involves meeting with a therapist and addressing the stress and anxiety directly, often only 3-4 sessions are required. Talk therapy is more likely to be successful if the patient’s partner is involved.

Sex Therapy – meeting with a therapist who specializes in addressing sexual problems can be a benefit for anyone with erectile dysfunction. Sex therapy often takes between 5 and 20 sessions. If both people in a relationship are involved it is successful at improving sexual performance and satisfaction around 60% of the time. It is slightly less successful if only the person with erectile dysfunction takes part.

Lifestyle changes – Smoking, obesity and extensive bicycling are a few of the things that can cause erectile dysfunction and can be addressed with lifestyle changes. It’s a good idea to talk with a doctor about whether or not lifestyle changes might be a good erectile dysfunction treatment option. A life counselor or life coach may be able to help identify good changes to make and create a plan for making them a permanent part of life.

Hormone treatment – If, and only if, blood tests reveal low levels of testosterone, hormone therapy may help. However it is not safe to take hormone therapy if testosterone levels are normal.

Immediate Results Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

The above treatment options address the underlying causes of ED. While they can very successful, they also can be slow to take effect, and sometimes will not work; especially in the cases of medications for which there are no alternatives than Men Solutions in Miami.

The following treatment options can provide immediate results, allowing the patient to begin enjoying sexual activity immediately. However they will not fix the problem, and will need to be used repeatedly.

Little Blue Pill (and its relatives)

Viagra and similar classes of medication are taken orally. They cause an erection by affecting the muscles of the penis, allowing extra blood flow. These medications usually need to be taken within an hour or two of sexual activity, though some can be taken further ahead. They shouldn’t be taken more than once a day, or by someone who is on nitrate drugs.

Injection or suppository

If pills don’t help, there is a medication that is used as either an injection or penile suppository and causes and erection immediately by increasing blood flow to the penis.

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Also, there are new available alternatives treatments for ED in Miami with European technology that do not require oral medication or invasive procedures and are pain-free. These include: Shockwave Therapy, High Intensity Laser Treatment and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

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