Well, summer is once again coming to a close now and it’s getting to that time of year when the days get shorter and leaves start turning brown. I am always sad to see summer ending, but at the same time it is exciting to usher in a new season of fashion and some exciting new trends.

The great news is that this winter season has plenty of new and continuing fashion & makeup trends to experiment with, so now is the time to plan your wardrobe and your make up kit!

Less Is More

You can take your makeup strategy in a few different directions this season, but one that is becoming increasingly popular is a more natural look. This trend focuses on using less makeup more effectively and also on promoting good, healthy skin.

This particular trend is fab because having healthy skin is always a good thing, and if you start to use less makeup and to care for your skin better you will find that your skin looks nicer and you will not need as much makeup.

To get on board with this trend start conditioning and moisturising your skin now, tone down the foundation especially and use only quality products.

Statement Eyebrows

Up until now eyebrows have just been a little bit forgotten about by the fashion world, but now it is time to use your eyebrows for maximum effect. Use powder or even eyeliner to deepen and darken your eyebrows and shape them naturally for a statement effect.

Darker is not the only option though, you can also lighten them using white and cream shades and if you want to take it a step further, bleaching them to a lighter shade is an option!

Cheeky Style

This trend is all about femininity and perhaps being a little bit girly, which is always fun. Use blusher to make your cheeks rosy and pink but try to stick to the less is more approach here; subtle tones are best on lighter skin but you can go richer if you have darker skin.

Eyeliner Trends

One popular style which works great with the au natural look is using natural colors to highlight your eyes and lighten them. Pearl blue and cream are fun colors to work with, especially on your upper lids just below your eyebrows. Also try adding a flick of strong white in the corner of your eye.

If you still like the bolder eyeliner look, that’s fine too. Heavy eyeliner is still very much in and rather than going light and angelic you can go dark and grungy with a charcoal smudge below your eyes and a bold line around your eye lids. If this is the look you opt for you should still try a block of strong white for an eye catching contrast.

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