Since the start of the quarantine period, you spent more time using your phone. You keep browsing social media pages or watch the latest episodes of various TV shows. You’re also working from home, and you have to use your computer all the time. You double the number of hours spent using electronic devices before the lockdown. 

Spending too much time on these devices could affect your health. They produce radiation that leads to terrible consequences on your health. With the aid of EMF protection, you can reduce the effects of radiation. Although it helps, you should still find other fun things to do at home. It helps gradually reduce your screen time. 

Learn How To Bake

Learning how to cook can be exciting. However, if you already know how to cook a few dishes, it’s time to level things up. You have to try baking. It looks easy and fun, but it isn’t effortless. You need to use the right ingredients and be accurate in your measurements. Otherwise, you can’t see the desired effects. Even experts in baking have to try several times if they’re experimenting on a new recipe. You can start with an easy option and work your way up. 

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Practice A New Language

At your age, it might be challenging to start a new language. It’s easier for children to learn than you. It doesn’t mean you can’t try it. Learning a new language isn’t only fun, but it can be useful too. You can use it to boost your resume. It also helps you when traveling to other countries. It takes time to master one, but you can learn a lot while you’re under quarantine. 

Write Post Mails

When was the last time you sent someone a postal mail? Given the accessibility of modern messaging apps, you don’t see the need to send a postal mail. Since you have a lot of time in your hands, you should give it a shot. Surprise your friends with a letter in their mailbox. You can also be more creative. Handwritten letters are more special since you worked hard to finish them. 

Play Board Games

You don’t need to take out your board games if you want to play one. Fun quarantine games like scrabble and monopoly are already available on your smartphone and well played board game cafe. However, it still feels different to play them on an actual board. You can also play with the entire family. You will understand what your parents felt when they were young and only had these games as an option to have fun. 

Start A Game Night

You need to start a family game night and make it a tradition. It’s the chance for everyone to gather despite the busy schedule. The problem is that when you have work, you keep making excuses not to do it. Since you’re at home most of the time, you should start this practice. You will enjoy the games and keep doing them even when the quarantine period is over. You can find fun games to start online. Modify them to fit your family. 

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Plan A Trip

It’s frustrating that you couldn’t go on a trip due to the lockdown. Airports around the world aren’t in operation. It doesn’t mean though that you should stop yourself from planning the next trip. Things will eventually get back to normal, and traveling will be possible again. When that time comes, you know that you’re ready. You already researched every aspect of the trip. There will be no glitches, and the entire family will find it memorable. 

Try doing these activities and forget that you’re sheltering in place.

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