Indians share a very personal relationship with the camellia sinensis plant. For us, tea is not a gourmet drink to be enjoyed only when entertaining some classy friends or relatives, or something we indulge in only once in a while. For us, tea is a part of everyday life; a part of every joyous occasion, for every momentous victory, and for every depressing setback. Yet, we do not realize at times how deep our relationship with tea really is; we Indians really do take tea for granted because it’s such an intricate part of our everyday lives.

There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea”. ~ Bernard-Paul Heroux

On that note, here is an interesting article that reminds you to count your blessings, and list out for you how Tea becomes such a crucial part of our everyday enjoyment.

Start your day on the perfect note

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot, fresh bed tea served without having to get out of a cosy bed? Or maybe you are the kind of person who loves to drink their tea in your garden with artificial grass from Dallas Turf Company while watching the sun rise outdoors, enjoying the cool breeze. There is no better luxury than starting your day with a cup of your favourite tea; the caffeine kick it provides heightening your senses and stimulating your brain in order to prepare it for a full day ahead. Tea is the best way to wake up, and what can be better than a strong cup of the best Assam tea or Darjeeling tea to make a fresh start.

Stay connected with your world

We all know that tea is a social drink. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a working professional or a home maker; a warm drink mid-afternoon is the perfect way to relax and spend some time catching up with friends, colleagues or family. The sweet aroma of pure Ceylon tea or a freshly brewed pot of green tea gives you the perfect excuse to break away from your chores and say hello to those around. In fact, long before we had Coffee Day and Starbucks, tea was the way we greeted and welcomed guests in to our home, or entertained friends over some light hearted conversation. And in most homes, that tradition exists till date!

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A famous quote says “Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.” So whether you want to vent your woes to your friend, want to discuss last evening’s meeting with a colleague or simply call your mother for your daily conversation at 12 noon, its best to do it with a warm cup in your hand!

Perfect way to Digest that Big Lunch

Now we all have days when we gorge on lunch, and soon realise our mistake! A big lunch makes you feel sleepy….your stomach is nice and full and your brain becomes all fuzzy. And if you have that big presentation to work on or need to get started for dinner preparations, nothing will revive your senses and jolt you in to high gear like a fresh pot of strong, sweetened tea! In case you feel a little too full and want to simply give a boost to your digestion, try a delicate white tea or a green tea to stimulate your brain cells and speed up your metabolism so that you feel reenergized. This will be especially helpful if you just ate a hearty meal that was high on salt and oil and you now feel thirsty and bloated. If you can get your hands on some, Pu-er tea will be the perfect way to grease away that guilt of the big lunch and concentrate on work again!

Boost your Productivity Late Afternoon

Most of us face the late afternoon slump around 4 pm. We have sat at our desks for too long without stretching out muscles, taken too long a nap, or stared at the computer screen for just too long. What you need at this point of time is a quick ‘kick’ that only caffeine can provide in order to remove that clouded feeling in your head. The time calls for some Indian spiced tea, full of fresh flavours that perk you up, increase your alertness, improve your focus and enhance your work productivity. What is better is that the lingering fresh taste and aroma also uplift your senses and make you feel more enthusiastic about the evening that lies ahead!

Relax and unwind after a long day at work

You walk into your home and what your heart desires is the refreshing aroma of some tea, not to mention that soothing, calming flavour that helps you unwind after a long day spent productively at work. This is the perfect time to enjoy those green tea bags you have stashed away in the ladder, because you want a quick cup that doesn’t take too long in preparing, but every sip guarantees to melt away your tiredness and bring welcome relief to those sore neck and shoulder muscles. Green tea is naturally relaxing and is great when sipped slowly, helping alleviate all signs of stress, anxiety and tiredness.

In the words of Douglas Adams, “A cup of tea would restore my normality”; so do enjoy a cup especially if you had a terribly stressful day at work.

The perfect end to a long day

Some of us cannot think of ending our dinner without having a cup of tea. Yes, you heard us right! While coffee seems to be common as a post dinner beverage, green tea, white tea and oolong teas are just as popular. So if you had a nice meal and are ready to retire to bed with a nice book or your favourite TV show, end the day on the perfect note with some unsweetened cinnamon infused delicate tea. It will help aid in digestion, especially if you choose white tea or green tea and also put you in a more naturally relaxing mood so that your brain that has been in high gear all day long gets the signal that it’s time to unwind and drift off. Just make sure you drink your tea about 2 hours before actual bedtime, or the caffeine kick could keep you up. On the contrary, if you want to sip on some flavoured light tea that helps in inducing sleep, try light tisanes that have camomile infusions.

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Didn’t we say you probably do not realize how important a role tea plays in our everyday enjoyment? It factors in to all aspects of our day – it warms the heart when it’s cold, cheers you up when you are down, relaxes you when you are tired or jolts you awake when you feel sleepy. Tea can do so much for you….its one beverage that has so many faces…and we sure are thankful for it.

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