An overweight dog can cause a myriad of problems; the harm it causes their health should not be underestimated. An overweight dog is more at risk of arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and more. Not only will this run up a vet’s bill, but it will also contribute to your dog’s suffering.

Knowing this, if your dog is carrying some extra pounds, you will want to make sure it loses weight. To make sure you do that safely and healthily, read on.

Talk to the Vet

Visiting the vet should be the first step, as they will ensure the diet you choose is a safe and healthy option for your dog. Plus, an underlying health condition may be the cause of your dog’s weight problems – something only your vet will be able to determine. So, before going ahead with any weight loss plan, be sure to visit a vet walk in clinic. Together, you can understand what has caused your dog’s weight gain and the best methods to lose it.

Be Strict with Mealtimes 

A routine is crucial for a healthy dog, and that includes mealtimes. Don’t just feed your dog whenever – and don’t keep the dog bowl full at all times. Instead, learn exactly how much your dog should be eating and then strictly feed them according to those measurements.

No Human Food

It can be tempting to feed your four-legged friend under the dinner table, especially when they give you those puppy dog eyes. It should always – yes, always – be avoided, though. Human food isn’t healthy for dogs, and over time will contribute to extra weight gain. If you want to give your dog a treat, stock up on healthy dog treats so that they don’t get too envious while you are eating your steak and fries.

Go on More Walks

Diet is one part of weight loss – exercise is another. Some dogs need hours of exercise per day, whereas others are OK with a couple of twenty-minute walks. Learn what your dog needs and make sure they get enough time to run every single day. If you are stretched for time or struggle to get out of the house, you can always hire a professional dog walker.

Get a New Dog Bowl

Is your dog eating too fast? If so, that could be the reason for its weight gain. To make sure your dog doesn’t eat the entire bowl in two seconds, consider getting a new dog bowl that helps your dog takes its time. There are plenty of puzzle dog bowls on the market, giving your dog something interesting to do while aiding his digestion. 

Reconsider the Dog Food You Buy

The dog food you purchase may be the reason your dog has some extra weight. Do some research into the food you buy, paying extra attention to the ingredients, and switch your usual pet food up if necessary. The best dog foods contain a healthy variety of meats, vegetables, grains, and fruits.

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It is your job to make your dog’s life as happy and healthy as possible. With the right weight-loss plan, you ensure your dog doesn’t end up with avoidable illnesses later in life.

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