Mascara is one of the best cosmetic product which is used to enhance the eyes and make it look stunning, beautiful and attractive for others. As wisely said by someone, eyes have the magic of attracting anyone and make them surrender to your commands. How to apply mascara perfectly on your eyes is one certain thing every women envies. Here are a few mascara tips How to apply Mascara Perfectly for eyes.

The mascara thickens, darkens, lengthens and even defines the eyelashes. Usually the mascara is available in three forms which include liquid, cake or cream base whereas the modern mascara base have various formulas to it and are identified because of that.

Mascara Tips and How to apply Mascara Perfectly

How to apply Mascara is a very common question to answer until you know the few basic mascara tips and the specific way to apply it. The techniques and ways need to be followed in order to make it look attractive rather that it being shabby and ugly. As it is always said one of the easiest way to draw attention to your eyes and create fun moments with flirty looks is by adding mascara as it acts as a key components which stand out.


The Basic Steps Which Should be Followed While Applying a Mascara Are:

1. Wiggle the mascara brush left to right at the base of the eyelashes. It’s always the mascara placed near the roots and not the tips which gives the illusion of length of the lashes.


2. Put the brush upwards and through the lashes, wiggling it as you move upwards and you go. This helps in separating each lash and creates a soft and beautiful look.


3. Close the eye and place the mascara brush on the top of lashes at the base and pull through to remove and clumps. Then finish the lashes with an eyelash curler if you have long lashes for a full extended effect.


So these were the basic steps on how to put on mascara and how to apply mascara the perfect way and make it look elegant and beautiful. If these steps are followed then you can experiment with it on the later stages with the help of using different styles and ways of application using different styles of mascara brushes. Finding the right one for your lashes is also a task to be followed in order to make it look vulnerable.

What is the Best Mascara?

How to apply mascara and the basic ability of making the lashes darker but it also lengthens and increases the thickness of the lashes. It never matters how your eye shadow looks but which technique is used which helps in noticing the look of the lashes. Even if you don’t wear a lot of eye shadow, adding mascara will surely bring some depth to the look of your eyes and open them up to enhance the beauty. While picking up mascara for yourself, you should consider the formula needed by you which includes lengthening, thickening, waterproof or non-clumping features. You can get good mascara from a drugstore or spend money on luxurious branded mascara which is not harmful for your eyes as well.

One of the best mascara is the long-lasting mascara from Chanel. While purchasing mascara for you the following three basic qualities should be kept in mind so as to pick up the best mascara for yourself.


There are numerous brands and cosmetic companies which produce mascaras such as L’Oreal, M.a.c, Dior, Chanel, Revlon, Boby Brown, etc are some of the best lengthening mascaras.

These were some of the best lengthening mascara which are best on the world with its brand as well as usage. Though they are falling in the category og luxurious brands but yet it is worth buying them to enhance the look of your lashes and make them look perfect. All of these mascaras above have unique feature of its own and helps to enhance the look.

Choosing the Mascara:

1. Formula:
Depending on your eyelashes one can always choose different option when buying mascara. Lengthening, curling, thickening or volumizing the lashes!! With so much to choose from and deciding on which is the best one for you can end up being a tough job. If you are in need of long lashes as your eye lashes are not that long, then go for good lengthening mascara and for fuller eye lashes pick the volumizing mascara. Some of the top beauty brands promise both the mentioned qualities. E.g. the L’Oreal volumizing mascara has a great want to it and is great for thickening the lashes with addition of length to the lashes and make it look long enough to be attractive.

2. Waterproof:
Best waterproof mascara are used so as to avoid the scattering of the mascara and make it look clumsy. Waterproof mascaras are long-lasting and are great choice for women who have to stay long outdoors. The waterproof mascara works wonders if you are going to travel in heat or sun as due to sweating the mascara won’t get affected and stay intact due to its quality of being waterproof. It also helps to easy curl the lashes with the help of lash curler. However, this mascara is hard to get rid of than the conventional normal mascara, so make sure that you are using a good mascara remover which is specially designed and formulated for removing the waterproof mascara without destructing the eye lashes. If you’re a person who wears contacts or have sensitivity issues with your eyes than it is advisable to find mascara that is hypoallergenic in order to avoid irritation near the eyes.

3. Color:
This category for choosing mascara is very easy of all. The black color mascara widens the eyes and gives the lashes a thick and fuller effect. Whereas there are various shades available to pick from, but the black gives the best outcome for a set of full and thick lashes which would be envied by all. Perhaps if the natural color of your lashes is light or the hair color is very light than you must find the extra black mascara which would be overpowering the look on your face and also reflect the light skin tone. Always try using a black or brown mascara color in order to overwhelm the look and make it look elegant.

Choosing the Mascara Brush Tip:

There are different types of mascara brushes as well which have functions differing from each other and convert the lashes from a normal boring looking into voluptuous and thick beautiful lashes. The brush shape also matters as it makes the work easier and faster. There are disposable mascara brushes as well available in the market which can be used and disposed easily. This is not a clever method but easier for instant application.



Try avoiding the brushes which ruins your eyelashes and make it look ugly so for the same follow the tips mentioned above and make yourself look not less than a princess and enchant the people out there.

How to Remove Mascara?


How to apply mascara has by far become easy but now removing mascara is a task to perform as it depends upon what type of mascara you have applied and accordingly the method of removing it. We have already mentioned the removal method of waterproof mascara. The basic steps in order to remove the mascara off your lashes include the following steps:

  1. Wash your face gently and thoroughly by just splashing water onto it several times just to rinse the face and make it easy to remove the mascara.
  2. Now gently dab away the excess mascara underneath and all around your eyes with the help of a very soft facial tissue and very gently try wiping the lashes.
  3. Now apply very little amount of baby shampoo on the eye lid for 30 seconds and then immediately rinse it off. Avoid contact with the eyes to avoid irritation to the eyes.
  4. Try using baby wipes to gently remove off the excess remaining mascara.
  5. Wash your face once again to make sure that all the applied baby shampoo is removed and gently wipe off your face with baby wipes.

Hopefully these tips would guide you to choose the best mascara brands and how to apply mascara.

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