Usually people thinks that if they want to gain muscles and sleeper build muscle they have to eat non protein overrated muscle growth veg, eggs etc. but this thought is not totally right because nature gives us many gifts in the form of fruits, vegetables, nutrients etc. and we have to accept ideal protein diet these gifts and implement of our body to make better.


At Morning :-

  1. Black Beans + soybeans + 10-12 piece of dry grapes + 25 pieces of raw ground nuts.

Breakfast:- ( choose any one)

  1. 300gm of milk without cream + 1 bowl of Dalia + 3-4 bananas.
  2. 300gm of skimmed milk + 4 bread piece + 100gm of cheese.
  3. 250 gm curd + 3-4 Bananas
  4. Roasted beans with 300gm milk.
  5. Fresh fruits (bananas, orange, pomgraint, Dates, cheeku)

LUNCH:- (choose any one)

  1. Boiled pluses + rice + salad + curd
  2. Green veggies + soya bean/cheese + chapattis (as u want) + Salad + curd

Before Workout (choose any one)

  1. 2-3 Bananas + Milk
  2. 300gm boiled potatoes.
  3. One glass of milk + four bread piece with butter.
  4. Lassi + chocolate
  5. Roasted beans with milk
  6. Creatine powder with glucose

After Workout(choose any one)

  1. 250gm of cheese
  2. 400gm ok milk + 4 bananas
  3. Dry fruits with protein shake
  4. 250gm of papaya + mix juice + 2 bananas
  5. Protein shakes with milk


Important note

  • Intake lite food at night.
  • Take your dinner meal before one hour as go to bed.
  • Take milk 30 min before go to bed.
  • Don’t take water in between meal.
  • Drink water after 30-40 min of meal.
  • Do not take curd or lassi after 3o’clock.
  • Don’t intake cucumber in salad at night.
  • Don’t do workout till 2 hour after meal
  • Drink water as much as possible in a day.
  • Eat more tomatoes in salad.
  • Take 2-3 slices of raw garlic

Things that we take again and again

1 lassi, Dalia, Salad, Mix Juice , Black beans, Shake

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