These are skin variations that appear on the neck region. The rashes can cause pain and uncomforting as they start to open up. Initially, they appear as lumps or spots that gradually redden with aggravation.

Causes of Neck Rash

There are varied reasons that cause neck rashes. Skin folds, irritation from certain clothes, exposure to extreme conditions of weather, pollen grains and insect bites are some of the common cause of skin rash. How to cure a neck rash will be easy for you to understand once you know the causes. Depending on the reasons behind the occurrence of these rashes, there are numerous ways of treating them. Basically, treatment includes soothing the inflamed area and moisturizing it to heal the wounds.

Here Are Some Simple Natural Ways of Treating The Neck Rash

Keep The Region Clean

Once the rashes appear, use cotton balls and a mild antiseptic to keep the region in and around the rash clean. This prevents any further aggravation. Refrain from using any kind of cosmetics on the rash.

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Keep The Rash Covered

Certain environmental conditions like skin allergy from wind, sun and dust might spread the rash or worsen its state. Cover the rash with a comfortable cotton scarf whenever you go out. Ensure that you allow plenty of air circulation and do not suffocate the rash.

Drink Lots Of Water

One of the best ways of treating any kind of skin infection is to drink at least ten to twelve glasses of water. This will flush your body of all the harmful chemicals and allow the organs to function properly while enhancing the resistance power of your body.

Herbal Remedies For Neck Rash

Prepare a bath and soak half a cup of oatmeal powder along with three chamomile flower tea bags. Keep the bath undisturbed for ten minutes. Use a cotton ball to apply on the rash. Chamomile has soothing properties that reduces itching sensation of the rash. One of the main causes of a neck rash is dry skin. Apply olive oil on the rash to sooth it and prevent irritation. Use olive oil repeatedly to retain the skin moisture and prevent further aggravation of the rash.

Aloe Vera gel added with vitamin E oil has a calming effect on the rash. You can also apply Vitamin E capsules directly over the rash. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E have healing properties and also remove or reduce scars. They help in the regeneration of damaged cells.

Over The Counter Medications

There are numerous over-the-counter neck cream and powders that can be applied on the rash. In case the condition persists and does not respond to home remedies, consult a doctor. You might be prescribed some antibiotics for curing the neck rash. Claritin, Itch-X and Benadryl are some of the common anti-inflammatory creams that are usually prescribe along with antibiotics.

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Homeopathic treatments are also available. Depending upon the nature of your rash, choose a treatment. How to cure neck rash will require you to follow the above guidelines. These simple and natural ways will help you to get rid of any ugly rash on the skin.

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