Jewellery that is over one hundred years old is known as antique jewellery. Antique jewellery has really lived a life because it has witnessed human history. Antique jewellery features one-of-a-kind pieces made with high-quality gemstones and majestic workmanship. Antique jewellery reflects decades of art and culture including early-Victorian, mid-Victorian, Late-Victorian, Deco art, retro and Georgian. You can buy antique jewellery from stores.

It’s human nature to b fascinated by an object that belongs to a bygone era. Whether they are classic cars, first edition books or a beautiful painting, all are considered to be valuable and significant and jewellery is no exception. There’s something magical about an antique piece of jewellery. It’s not only beautiful and elegant adornment but it is also a sound investment. 

We’re giving you top 5 reasons to buy an antique piece of jewellery.


For jewellery lovers, antique jewellery has a mystical beauty and charm. Modern jewellery cannot match it. They are carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen with extraordinary attention to detail. Arguably, old-world jewellery making techniques are unparalleled by modern techniques.

Excellent value:

Antique jewellery is not only irresistible but also has excellent value. You will automatically pay 20% less than the new jewellery piece of equivalent price. It doesn’t include any manufacturing costs. You can have the same quality gemstones without any premium seller’s overhead.

Better Quality:

Modern jewellery is mostly cast but antique gold jewellery was hand-made and pure gemstones were used to make it. Today’s high-end jewellery pieces cannot match the quality of an antique piece of jewellery. In old times, the jewellery was made by skilled craftsmen, who used to take a very long time to craft a single piece of jewellery. The difference in quality can be noticed by even a non-jewellery person.


Significant resources are used to mine real gemstones and precious metals which is not possible in an environment-friendly way. A royal antique jewellery purchase makes you a conservator rather than a consumer.

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Antique jewellery is mostly sold by one-man shop or dealers ( a small scale business owners) so indirectly you’re supporting small business owners by buying antique jewellery.

Style statement:

silver charm bracelet

We can go to any famous jewellery brand and buy modern jewellery that is not unique. If you want something unique and different then antique gold jewellery with give you an individual style.

Where can you get original antique jewellery?

If this article has sparked the passion in you for getting a classic antique jewellery piece then you must be wondering that from where you can get the original piece of royal antique jewellery? Well, think no more. Check out the beautiful antique earrings from sites like Carus Jewellery. 
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