Shooting your first movie is a challenging experience. There are a lot of elements of making a movie that must be combined in the right way. Here are some helpful tips.


The theme is the heart of the movie. The movie is regulated by the theme. The theme is why people go to the movies. It is not because of the characters, story, plot, cinematography, or genre. All of these elements are regulated by the theme. They demonstrate how the theme is displayed, yet most people do not know or understand what the theme is when they go to see a movie and when they discuss the movie afterward.

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Film budgeting is an essential part of the filmmaking process. Anyone vaguely thinking of a career as a producer needs to know how to make a film budget. When providing the budget breakdowns to department keys or crew, do not disclose the full number. Withhold some part of the full rental or purchase totals, and hire crew members for slightly less than outlined in the budget. It’s more than likely that your keys will spend more, and the crew will work more than budgeted. These small savings add up and help ensure everyone is paid on time.


When starting out in your filmmaking career it is unlikely you will have big money to pay actors.

There are plenty of online sites to hire actors for events. Some sites allow you to post a casting call for free (there may be a small monthly charge if you wish to use all of their services). Also, try social media to find cast and crew for your film use the Facebook search bar as you would Google to find groups near you.


Once your movie is ready, It’s time to sell it. Upload your movie to one of the many popular VOD platforms. Make a poster and a trailer for YouTube and all the other popular platforms to distribute your film. You can use some online tools to create an impressive movie trailer.

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The only way people will watch a new film is if they’ve been well-promoted. Create a website, even movies need to have websites. You can also create a press release and email blast it. If you’ve created a website for your short film, make sure you gather your visitor’s email addresses. You can also promote yourself through social networking by creating a Facebook page, Twitter feed, and even a LinkedIn account. There are about a dozen movie festivals going on at any given time in the world, try getting into the ones you can.

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