With over 12 million people who admit to trying drugs or alcohol every year and those that do not admit it, you might be one of those addicted. Although many people make excuses and say “never me,” there are just as many who know they have a problem and do not recognize the signs. You should know the signs that you might be an addict so that you can seek help when you recognize them.

You Ignore the Consequences

If you have experienced the consequences of your drug use and ignored them, there is a good chance that you are an addict. Some of the consequences that you might experience are arrest, incarceration, loss of your job, or loss of your loved ones. These consequences are serious but there are minor ones as well.

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You Crave the Drug

Cravings are a sure sign that you are addicted to it. Craving something you think about and want the drug constantly, even after you’ve just come down off it. It is the feeling deep down that you need the drugs and you do not want to live without them despite what it is doing to you.

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You get Nervous When you do not have the Drug

Along with cravings comes anxiety when your supply is running low or you are out. Although some anxiety is a natural part of life, anxiety over a substance is not. Being anxious over the drug is not normal or casual use. It is a sign of addiction.

You Take Risks that you would not ordinarily

Some risk taking behavior is normal. Taking risks to obtain a drug is not. Some of the risks that you might take are stealing, driving while under the influence, or something heavier like prostitution to get the drug. It is important to seek help before you do something that you cannot take back.

You have tried to Quit and Failed

Trying to quit on your own and being unable to is a sign of addiction. It is also a sign that you need the help of a rehab center like the California rehab centers. They can help you stop your addiction before it is too late and you have a serious problem on your hands.

You are not Meeting your Obligations

When you are an addict, you stop meeting your obligations to school, work, or family. Missing the occasional day or two is normal; missing weeks or habitually missing work is not. Some people lose their jobs, their families, their friends, and their children because they habitually miss occasions. This is a sign that you need help. Fortunately, there are many forms of help.

If you fit more than one of these signs, you are probably addicted to a substance or there is some other serious problem. Either way you need help. You are not alone.

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