The consumption of marijuana has had various assertions across different states over the years. While some states have allowed its medical and recreational use, others prohibit it at all grounds.

People these days have become more aware of its health benefits and intend to get involved with the drug. Many states in the U.S., including Washington D.C., have legalized its use, with an exponential rise in customers as a direct derivative.

Consumer Rights Being a Cannabis Consumer

Cannabis is classified as being incredibly impactful to its consumers.

With the rate of consumers rising gradually across the United States, it is only natural for the people to know their rights and realize what’s legal and what all are they eligible for, to avoid any trouble.

Here are enlisted all the rights that you can claim being a Cannabis consumer without raising any objections on an authoritative level –

1. Buying, Selling, and Growing Marijuana

Despite the states legalizing the consumption of the drug, it can still be considered illegal to purchase Cannabis from non-authorized personnel. You can only buy the drug from licensed retailers approved by the Government.

marijuana business

Unlike the movies, you cannot just go on a weed shopping spree. There are restrictions as to how much amount of Cannabis you can purchase-

Adults are eligible to buy and carry:

  1. Up to 1 ounce (28.5 grams) of Cannabis.
  2. Up to 8 grams of concentrated Cannabis.

Selling your Cannabis is also a little trickier than you would anticipate. You are only permitted to sell Cannabis if you possess a Retail Cannabis Permit from San Francisco as-well-as a license from the state of California.

When it comes to growing, you can cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants in the backyard of your home or a sealed and enclosed yard.

However, growing weed brings in a condition that the plantation must not be visible publicly, and requires the confirmation and approval of the property owner.

If you own a Medical Marijuana ID card, the limits placed on how much you can buy, carry, and grow are elevated.

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2. Cannabis Used For Medical Reasons

If you intend to buy Cannabis for medical-related uses, you would need a Medical Marijuana ID card or a recommendation by a doctor.

One of the perks that you can get by dealing in marijuana with a medical I.D. would be riddance from sales tax.

cannabis for medical uses

Additional rights that you are entitled to after validating your medical I.D. are –

  1. Growing up to 12 cannabis plants for personal uses.
  2. Being eligible to buy up to 8 ounces of the flower.

If you have a doctor’s recommendation, you can even purchase more than 8 ounces.

A child or a teenager can smoke Cannabis only if a doctor prescribes cannabis use for medical reasons in compliance with professional medical standards.

If you are disabled and are consuming Cannabis for medical purposes, the Human Rights Code safeguards you from discriminatory treatment, that includes harassment at employment, housing, or service delivery .

3. Restricted Places to Smoke Cannabis

It is prohibited to smoke, eat, vape, or consume Cannabis –

  1. In public places, that include parks and sidewalks.
  2. Near schools or in general anywhere around children.
  3. Inside buildings like workplaces, restaurants and bars, entertainment venues, and even the familiar places of multi-unit housing facilities.
  4. At any outdoor public events, including music festivals, street fairs, or parades.

You cannot smoke or vape cannabis, where you cannot smoke tobacco.

You are not allowed even to carry Cannabis in places like day-care centers.

People can smoke, vape, or consume edible Cannabis in their residential units and balcony or terrace either for medical or recreational purposes.

However, you cannot smoke in places where laws prohibit smoking or vaping Cannabis for public health reasons.

People living in a retirement home, long-term care home, or psychiatric facility are not allowed to smoke or vape medical or recreational cannabis in their respective units.

You can consume Cannabis in a dispensary that has a consumption lounge.

4. Cannabis and Driving

If you are wondering about Driving under the influence of Cannabis, reconsider your options as it can quickly get you arrested, fined, along with the suspension of your license.

influence of cannabis

You are not allowed to drive or ride in a vehicle with the container of the Cannabis open. Cannabis must either be sealed or locked away in the trunk.

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5. Smoking Weed at Work

It solely depends upon the employers if they intend to:

  1. Have a drug and alcohol-free workplace.
  2. Demand drug tests from employees.
  3. Reject your application for a job if you consume Cannabis.
  4. Demote or fire you, or consider any other action against you for consuming Cannabis.

Employers must have a duty to accommodate their employees who smoke or vape cannabis for medical reasons by allowing them breaks to smoke outside where the law permits it.

You can still consume edible Cannabis for medical purposes related to a disability at the workplace, provided it doesn’t interfere with health and safety or the overall performance of essential job duties.

 6. Federal Government and Cannabis

Despite legalization in some states, Cannabis is still regarded as an illegal drug by the Federal Government.

You can quickly be arrested or even prosecuted for buying, being in possession, or consuming Cannabis on federal land.

Federal authorities have many areas under their jurisdiction. Some of these places include:

  1. Airports
  2. National parks
  3. Federal buildings
  4. Military installations

7. Immigrants Smoking Cannabis

If you are an immigrant, dealing in Cannabis, working in the cannabis industry, or consuming it can harm your immigration status.

It is thus recommended to seek legal advice before leaving the United States or while applying for naturalization.

Final Words

Despite the legalization of marijuana in many states in the U.S., you must still remember your rights and restrictions imposed by the Government.

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You must also know the limits for purchase, cultivation, sale, and consumption while dealing in Cannabis.

It is advisable to know the rules and regulations of the place you are currently in before pulling out your stash of Cannabis and deciding to smoke.

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