Ramo Buchon is a flower reasonably new to the world of floral design. Araceli Castellon, owner of Victoria’s Garden in Anaheim, California, was delighted when she saw the flower while browsing pictures on Tiktok, the most popular photo-sharing website. After spotting a few images, she was in awe of her flower arrangement. Araceli has been working in the floral design industry for over 27 years; however, she had never thought about the Ramo Buchon until now.

Flowers, maracas and sombreros and lots of confetti. That is what you will see in a ramo Buchon parade. The celebration is among the most well-known traditions of Mexico. Initially reserved for Carnival season, Ramos is now performed throughout various Mexican cities all year. Although every town has its tradition of presenting flowers at the celebration, all Ramos have some similarities. For instance, they include music (often performed in marching bands) along with confetti, music, and lots of dancing. And did we not mention flowers? Many flowers! Flowers are a must for these celebrations. Sometimes, whole flower gardens are moved to town squares to decorate for these events. If you’ve ever thought about what a Ramo Buchon is or why it’s even a thing, read on to learn more about these colourful parades.

Meanings of Ramo

The word “ramo” comes from the Spanish word “rama,” which translates to branches or shoots. Ramo Buchon is also called a bouquet parade since it is comprised of many floats covered in flowers and marching bands resembling floral arrangements. The parades are named because they are held during Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter). Catholics all over Mexico commemorate Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection by having a procession, which includes music and flowers.

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The most well-known ramo buchon is located in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-largest Jalisco city. Apart from being one of Mexico’s oldest cities, Guadalajara has many mariachis who perform at weddings and other occasions throughout the year.

In contrast to traditional rose bouquets, these flowers are put together, and the stems are usually decorated with rhinestones or gold butterflies. That is a unique bouquet design that is perfect to be used for any special occasion. Furthermore, this kind of bouquet is highly Instagrammable and even TikTok-worthy!

Ramo Buchon flower arrangements

Due to the popularity of bouquets made from ramo you might have noticed that the person who received them shares photos of the floral arrangements via social networks. Many will post pictures of themselves with a gorgeous vase of ramo, and others might share photos of themselves carrying an enormous floral arrangement on their shoulders.

Flowers, ramo buchon

If you want to design an exotic arrangement to mark a special event, you can use Ramo Buchon flower arrangements. They’re a trendy Latino arrangement of flowers with roses that are topped off with rhinestones and golden butterflies. They even have the name of the designer.

This bouquet style is a modern take on the typical Filipino fragrance. It comprises tightly packed bouquets of flowers with a distinctive stand. The bouquet is usually tied in white lace or ribbon. This arrangement isn’t symmetrical and isn’t as precise as traditional bouquets.

The Ramo Buchon flower parade is a popular annual event in Mexico that features colourful parades and floats. Catholics are a part of the event to honour Jesus Christ. At this time, it is a time when people gather at local events to commemorate Christ’s life, Christ. The colorful floral arrangement is among the most prominent aspects of the parade.

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Ramo is a trendy present. However, its presentation is as essential as its flowers. People post pictures of the bouquet on their social networks. They share a photo of themselves holding their bouquet in hand or upload an image of them having the fragrance over their shoulders.

Although the ramo is a trendy gift, however, the presentation of it is equally crucial. Many people share photos of their recipients’ Ramo through social networks. For instance, a gifter could post a photo from their vehicle, holding the ramo. The recipient uploads a photo of them with their back to the camera with a gigantic floral arrangement on their shoulders.

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