There are so many choices when it comes to natural wood flooring that it can be hard to make the right decision. Some people prefer to make the choice once the wood has arrived in their homes while others would rather have the finished product. Whichever you choose you should think long and hard about your choice. Because your wood floor is going to stay in your house for years to come it would be foolhardy to pick something that you didn’t fall in love with. Wood floors come in not just hundreds of different colours but different finishes too. So what do you need to know about unfinished and finished wood flooring?

Unfinished wood flooring is when the floor has been neither lacquered nor oiled. It has come to your home or site pre cut and nothing more. Some people choose to buy un-finished wood flooring because they want to personalise the floor. Others choose un-finished wood flooring because they want to see what it looks lie in its own surrounding before adjusting it. And some people simply like the un-finished look. Old, more traditional houses lend themselves very well to un-finished wood floors especially un-finished antique pine. Without lacquer, a wood floor can add warmth to the room and can create a natural feeling. Some people will get their un-finished wood flooring home and decide that they would like it to e a shade darker or better protected. This is a simple way to ensure that you get the product you want rather than buying it ready finished and then not liking it when you got it home.

Finished wood flooring on the other hand can make a real statement in your room. A beautifully lacquered shiny floor can add light into your room and make your new real wood floor stand out. Most people choose finished wood flooring in high traffic areas or areas that have a lot of furniture. A dining room for example is likely to be used every day and will have lots of movement of the furniture. In this case you need to make sure that the floor is well protected with some lacquer and oil.

Choosing which type of wood you are going to use on the floor can be hard enough but having to make the decision between finished and un-finished can be even tougher. Think long and hard about the decision you are about to make as it will stay with you and your house for quite some time. Remember that if you are unsure how you want the finished product to look then it would be best to go for unfinished, that way you can change it to suit your taste and style.

Good luck in choosing the right real wood floor for you.

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