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As we age bathing becomes more difficult and presents a risk to health. Walk-in Baths have become an increasingly popular option for the elderly and disabled and they often allow the user to retain a greater sense of freedom.

If one of your loved ones is handicapped or has disabilities, you can install a walk-in bathtub in your bathroom so that he can bath safely and easily. This type of bathtub has a practical design created for a specific purpose. Homeowners who want to provide convenience to a loved one who has balance issues should purchase a walk-in bathtub.

The main advantages of Walk-in Baths are:

  1. Reduced Risk of Slipping With Walk-in Baths
  2. Comfort and Ease
  3. Easier For Those with Mobility Problems to Enter/Exit A Walk In Bath
  4. Safe for Children
  5. Can Allow the User to Retain the Freedom
  6. More Security

1 Reduce The Risk of Slipping or Tripping:

  • One of the greatest causes of slip injury in the home is bathing. For the elderly or mobility, impaired step over the side of a conventional bathtub can present a major risk of slipping. With walk-in baths there is no large step to negotiate – instead of having to step over the side of the bath there is typically just a 6-7inch (12-15cm) entry height.
  • Walk-in baths have special slip-resistant surfaces which greatly reduce the risk of slipping on the wet surface.
  • The walk-in baths come complete with grab rails to make entering/exiting the bath even safer.
  • Walk-In bathtubs come complete with a built-in safe seat that makes the bathing experience much safer.

2. Comfort and Ease:

Most of the broken hip accidents happen because of a shower. Anyone who is over 50 years old should consider installing a walk-in bathtub at home. Women who are at a high risk of developing osteoporosis and other serious conditions may find this product comfortable and easy to use.

3. Improve the Bathing Experience:

  • Those with mobility problems can find stepping into a conventional bathtub difficult. With walk-in baths, the user will only have to step over a small step (normally no more than 30cm, or 12inches).
  • The grab rails further improve the ease at which the mobility impaired can enter/exit the bath.
  • When using a normal bathtub the user has to lower them into the bathtub. This can be uncomfortable as well as presenting a risk of slipping. Walk-in baths come with a built-in safe seat which makes both the entry and exit from the bath much easier and enhances the bathing experience as the user does not have to struggle to sit down and get up.


4. Safe for Children:

Walk-in bathtub designs are also safer for children. With its configured seat and very easy to use nozzle, you will give your child the possibility to take a bath on his own.

5. The User to Retain the Freedom:

For many people bathing can become less pleasurable and more of a chore if they struggle to get in and out of the bath. In many cases, the user may have to rely heavily on a loved one/care to be able to bath safely. In many cases walk-in baths allow the user to bath unaided or at least to remove some of the strain of a loved one and returning as the sense of independence to the user. Besides, some Walk in baths comes with the option of having a powered bath lift seat to make bathing even easier

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6. More Security:

Anyone who has a problem with balancing may find bathing using a walk in bath tub safer. A standard tub can be treacherous as a person steps in it and if the transfer of weight does not happen right away, it will cause imbalance.

Walk-in bathtubs come in different sizes and designs. These are perfect units for those who have a small bathroom area. Some of these bathtubs have square and corner designs to help you make the most of the extra space with convenience without reducing the functionality of the bathroom. You can also select from a wide variety of colours and styles. Saving space, water conservation and safety are the three most important features that you can take advantage of from these versions of bathtubs.

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