Millions of individuals around the world develop stretch marks. While the majority of these people are women, some men do as well. This skin condition may be caused by pregnancy, genetics, stress, connective tissue disorders, and rapid changes in body weight. The skin in the affected area becomes stretched to the point that is has no more flexibility. These areas are often characterized by the scar-like appearances. The skin colour may be slightly different that the surrounding surfaces of the body.

While there is generally no real danger with stretch marks, they can cause individuals to feel self-conscious. Depending on where these scar-like marks appear, they can affect a person’s social life to a great extent. For this reason, pharmaceutical companies have created lines of products catering to individuals wanting to eliminate this problem.

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Many prescription ointments and creams are available but they are not always suitable for certain skin types. Natural remedies are often recommended alternatives. Nature has created numerous options that have been available for far longer than the chemical treatments. In the majority of instances, the natural solutions are more effective as well.

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks the Natural Way

Not everyone has access to the same ingredients but there are so many alternatives that there is something suitable for virtually anyone. Many of these options are safe for any skin type and tone. It is important to try such solutions on a small part of skin on a conspicuous part of the body in the rare case of there being an allergic reaction.


Alfalfa and Chamomile

Alfalfa is high in vitamin K, a nutrient quite commonly used to heal various skin problems. It also contains vitamin E and various amino acids, all of which assist in eliminating the appearance of scarring. Only a small bit of each ingredient is required for great results – one teaspoon of powdered alfalfa and a few drops of chamomile oil. These two ingredients are to be mixed together to create a paste and applied to the markings. After 15 minutes, the paste should be cleaned off. For the best results, individuals are encouraged to use the solution three times a day until they obtain the desired outcome.

Aloe Vera

This plant has many excellent qualities. It is moisturizing and is wonderful for killing germs. What is more important in the case of stretch marks is that it actually heals the skin. It is able to regenerate the cells and help bring new ones to life. While the plant leaf is considered to be the best option, it is possible to use pure raw gel from a bottle. The gel or leaf is to be applied directly to the inflicted areas. Two hours after it is put in place, it can be rinsed off with warm water. For the best results, the solution should be used on a consistent and frequent basis, up to several times a day if needed.

Apricot Paste

Apricots are full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and healing agents. They are often used to make scrubs and pastes for the anti-aging product market but they are wonderful for healing scars and other similar skin problems. In this case, a person is to remove the flesh from fresh apricots. This part of the fruit is to be applied to the affected areas and left in place for between 10-15 minutes before being rinsed off with warm water. This process should be completed twice a day when first starting out. It can be reduced to once a day after a week or so. The whole process may take one month.

Castor Oil

The oil is often used to assist in the treatment of numerous physical conditions. With stretch marks, there is no need to take it orally. The healing properties of the oil are useful for this skin condition when simply massaged into the scarred regions. The substance should be gently rubbed into the skin for between 5 and 10 minutes. The surface should then be wrapped in gauze or a similar material with a hot water bottle or heating pad put on it. The heat is to be left in place for at least 30 minutes. This process should be repeated once a day for at least a month.

Cocoa and Shea Butter

These two ingredients are commonly seen in store bought remedies but it is possible to make the creams at home. Cocoa butter and shea butter have incredible moisturizing properties and are also characterized by their vitamin E and anti-oxidants. All of these agents work together to rejuvenate skin cells and to heal scarring. The butters can be melted and combined to create a cream. For top results, it should be applied to the skin twice a day, especially after having a bath or shower.

Egg Whites

For this particular solution to work, it is important to only use the egg whites and no other part. The egg white is packed with protein and amino acids which heal the skin. Two eggs are required. The whites should be properly separated and fluffed with a fork. After cleansing the skin with water, the mixture can then be applied to the relevant region of the body. The whites should be left to dry completely. Once the solution has dried, the individual is advised to clean it off using cold water. It is recommended that olive oil is applied to the skin after it is cleaned so that it will be properly moisturized.

Lemon Juice

This is a common household remedy for eliminating stretch marks, acne scars and other types of similar issues. The juice reduces inflammation and the appearance of the marks. The alpha hydroxy in the fruit assists in healing the scars. Individuals are advised to use fresh lemon juice. The natural juice offers better results because the nutrients have not been processed out of the product. To eliminate the stretch marks, the juice should be applied on the skin and left in place for approximately 10 minutes. It can then be rinsed off with warm water. Another option for using this juice is to mix it in equal parts with cucumber juice. The cucumber is very refreshing for the skin. It has moisturizing and healing agents.

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Potato Juice

Perhaps one of the cheapest remedies for the skin condition is potato juice. This substance is packed with vitamins and nutrients that heal the skin and keep it moist. It rejuvenates the skin cells, helping them to heal and assisting new ones to appear by increasing the level of collagen being produced in the body. To get the best results, the individual is to cut the potato into slices. Depending on the size of the marks, only one slice might be needed. The slice is to rubbed over the inflicted region and the juice left to dry for a few minutes. The starch should cover all of the marks. Once it has been applied for a few minutes, it can be washed off with warm water.

Getting the Benefits of Essential Oils

The solutions already mentioned are wonderful methods of getting rid of stretch marks. However, a person who has access to essential oils may prefer these alternatives. There are numerous kinds of oils that are helpful in healing the surface of the body.

Almond, Chamomile and Lavender

These three oils make an effective combination for the regeneration of skin cells. They are able to reduce and eliminate the appearance of various sorts of scarring through this regeneration. These oils may be used in different proportions however perhaps the most effective mixture is using 2 teaspoons of almond oil along with half a teaspoon of the chamomile and lavender. A person may see results applying these oils once per day. To obtain faster results, the combination may be used three or four times per day.

Almond Substitutes

There are oils that have similar attributes to the almond oil. For this reason, the almond is at times substituted for such alternatives as jojoba or avocado oil. Both of these substances are highly recommended for their healing properties.

Other Essential Oils

Several other oils are attributed with healing properties. These elements may be used for the same skin problems and often produce lasting results. These products include olive, rose, geranium, myrrh, and frankincense oil.

The usual length of time to utilize any of the solutions mentioned is often a month. The severity and the type of skin effects how long the process requires to fully eliminate the markings. It is important to remain consistent with these treatments for the whole time they are used. Individuals are recommended to keep track of the progress they are making. If any irritation occurs, the person is urged to stop the treatment immediately.

Lifestyle Changes to Aid in the Healing Process

Eliminating stretch marks is not just about the products a person can apply to the skin for cell regeneration. It is also about the lifestyle. In some cases, these markings can be prevented through proper eating and exercise. When such skin problems are not prevented, these two things can help get rid of the issue as well as keep it away.


Exercising makes the body healthier. When the organs are functioning correctly, fewer physical conditions arise, including this particular type of scarring. It helps to remove the toxins from the body, allowing the cells to be healthy and grow as they should.

Healthy eating is another important part of the process. A person needs to reduce the level of chemicals they consume. In most cases, extra fruits and vegetables are required to give the body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to work properly. Protein is an essential part of the diet. Individuals who do not eat meat are urged to find suitable protein alternatives. Nuts and seeds are great sources of protein and essential oils. Anyone with scarring problems can find lasting results by increasing their intake of these products. The body naturally produces collagen and other components it needs to form healthy skin. When it has the proper foods, the body can do what it is supposed to.

Water is another aspect to consider. Individuals are generally recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day or at least 8 glasses of liquid that can be a suitable alternative the substance. The body is mostly made of water. When it is well-hydrated, the skin can retain its moisture and flexibility. A person with skin issues who is already drinking this much is encouraged to increase this amount, at least until they see noticeable results with their healing process.

What to Avoid

As with any physical condition that ties in with weight, there are certain things that a person needs to avoid when trying to heal or prevent stretch marks. Not all cases of this issue relate to rapid weight gain or loss but those that do require extra attention to the diet. Foods that are high in saturated fats (except for coconut) should be avoided. These items include high fat dairy and meat products as well as many items from fast food restaurants. Any products that tend to make a person gain weight when eaten regularly should be taken out of the menu.

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Fad diets are not healthy for many reasons. They are dangerous because they can cause heart conditions and more. Of course, such trends tend to cause fast weight loss which is one reason for these marks appearing. This is another thing to be avoided when regenerating and rejuvenating the body’s surface.

Stress that causes changes in the body’s surface is not always avoidable but there are ways to reduce it. Yoga and meditation are two common methods that are quite effective. However, reading, deep breathing, watching funny movies or other such activities can also help. In the case that a person is dealing with extreme stress levels, they are recommended to see their doctor concerning its management.

Getting the Needed Support

This particular skin condition certainly can have its negative effects on self esteem. Sometimes the problems are so severe that individuals avoid venturing outside or go out of their way to prevent social interaction. It is important for anyone dealing with these conditions to know that there is someone that cares about them. Anyone dealing with these problems is encouraged to speak to family or friends about their concerns. In cases where severe trauma has been caused, a visit to the doctor is recommended. Such professionals are able to offer support and pass along a referral if a specialist is required.

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