Antique jewellery can the right gift on any occasion for any of your loved ones. The high-quality craftsmanship found in jewellery of bygone times remains beautiful to the present day, also as acting as time capsules of the age during which they were created. There are many reasons to like antique jewellery.

Antiques are collected since the 16th century when private collections flourished across Britain and Europe. But it had been within the Renaissance period of the 18th century, with the growing popular interest in art, science and archaeology, when antiquities became more widely wanted for both public and personal collections.

Constant demand for antique jewels makes them ideal collector’s items, and – within the future – potentially canny investments. Items with a provenance are particularly highly valued, because the stories involving jewellery evoke romance and nostalgia.

Antique Earrings

Antique earrings are made up of a spread of precious metals, gemstones, diamonds, and pearls. they are available in several types, from drop earrings to studs. Drop earrings like these mid-century ruby and diamond pear drops make a breath-taking gift. Each antique ring is one among a sort , whether it’s an antique pearl ring with unique colouring or an antique diamond ring with an impressive cut, making them the right gift.

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Rings are considered the foremost romantic sort of jewellery because they’re synonymous with engagement and marriage, and antique rings are even more laden with meaning than their modern counterparts.

Engagement rings that are up to or over 100 years old, like this Victorian three diamond ring carry a story from history, but they also display exemplary craftsmanship that creates them timeless. Each antique ring is one among a sort , making it the right unique gift. Antique rings also can easily become family heirlooms as they’re passed from generation to generation.

Antique Brooches


There are many various sorts of brooches, and since of the variability of shapes and sizes they are available in, they create for unique and thoughtful gifts. Antique brooches are often worn in many various ways, including as how of pinning together shawls and scarves. If you’re the mother of the bride, an antique brooch is a perfect wedding present – both unique and memorabl. Combining diamond, gold, and enamel, this vivid diamond and turquoise enamel brooch will undoubtedly make anybody stand out and make an impact . However, antique brooches also can be more understated, making them versatile enough to be worn with different colours and formalities. At Carus Jewellery we’ve a variety of antique brooches available to suit every taste and any occasion.

Antique Necklaces

Antique necklaces are perfect for a up to date look, and work well with simple outfits. Pieces like this pearl and diamond pendant from the Victorian era work flawlessly with modern outfits, and they’re ideal gifts for milestone birthdays.

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You can get your favourite antique jewellery piece for your loved ones by ordering online.

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