Orthotics are shoe or heel inserts designed specifically for an individual following a doctor’s prescription.

These specially designed inserts are designed and prescribed for the treatment of leg, foot, and back issues. Below, you will discover some ailments which orthotics can correct and their level of efficacy.

A gorgeous new style of sandal from Strive

How to Tell if you Need Orthotics

Orthotics can be one part of a comprehensive treatment regimen prescribed to tackle numerous issues all of which are related to an ache or discomfort on the legs or feet. There are several uses to which orthotics can be put and these include:

  • Ensuring the foot or ankle functions better
  • Correcting deformities in the foot
  • Reducing the potential for more injuries
  • Improved ankle support

Orthotics aren’t just shoe inserts or heel pads you can pick up in athletic stores, they are bespoke heel or shoe inserts designed specifically for your feet. Orthotics usually come in as a last measure, doctors will only prescribe an orthotic when such treatments like home exercises are ineffective for your condition.

Strive Footwear’s parent company LBG Medical Ltd, built the first custom-made orthotic in 1980. Thirty-five years after that first step, following numerous conversations and development with healthcare services within the UK and Europe, millions of custom-made insoles have been designed for people with variant uses for these orthotics including athletes and acute diabetics.

With Strive, you are assured of excellent, trendy, and comfortable shoes that stand out. A Biomechanical Footbed Technology designed to improve such health conditions as Metatarsalgia, Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, Knee Pain, and Plantar Fascitis can be found within the sole of every pair from Strive.

For Strive, comfort and style are intertwined in all of their products. Their Orthotics are designed with a specialised footbed that merges and blends into the unique comfort of your feet. Some Strive shoes like the Strive Vienna Ladies Wren Chic Warm Lined Mule Slipper are designed to prevent simple pains and discomfort which often arise as a result of individual posture. It is worth noting that the Strive Capri sandals in black are a popular choice.

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Each of their orthotic insoles is designed to cushion the heel and keep all the shock from reaching you. They produce insoles designed to meld to your natural foot shape to provide balance, cushioned support, and comfort with each step you take.

Everyone deserves orthotic shoes that offer perfect support for the arches and provide relief with every step you take. Spend your money in the right place, excellent shoes with excellent orthotics are the perfect investment that would help your bid for self-healing and self-care for the feet.

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