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We post an article or press release with a description, background and information about your company, services, website, event, cause, artist or topic of choice. The post can feature photos, embedded videos (from YouTube, etc.), links to your website, promotional advertising banners, graphics and multimedia.

Blog Having Categories available:

  • Lifestyle – Parenting, Relationship, Fashion, Food, Travel
  • Fitness – Yoga, Abs, Muscle, Chest, Wight Training
  • Beauty – Make Up, Hair Care, Skincare
  • Health Tips – Heart Disease, Diabetes, Women Health, Weight Loss Tips

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Sponsored Review – We’ll Test and Review Your Product or Service

We examine, research, test, use and sample anything you’d like and write a concise, detailed and honest review. The review is between 500-1000 words and will contain a detailed background and description of what we’re reviewing, our experience with it and our honest opinion and possibly recommendation. The review can include a thumbnail graphic and 2-3 sentence excerpt, chronological position on our homepage and category pages, photos, embedded videos, links to your website, promotional advertising banners, graphics and multimedia.

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Important Note: It will be clearly indicated that features, reviews and advertisements are disclose.

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