There are around to give – the massages are a very relaxing escape and are good for health. If you have not surrendered to the pleasures of a spa massage or simply feel like you try a new version and be aware of the most popular body massages.

Relaxation Massage:


One of the most popular and sought – after spas, this massage is, as its name implies, an invitation to total relaxation. With multiple benefits in terms of health, this massage is recommended for beginners and / or people more sensitive to pain, particularly because it is not as intense or deep as other massages.

Full Body Massage:


Most massage actively works the back, arms, and legs, but the full body massage goes further and does not neglect the other parts of the body – head, face, neck, chest, hands and feet. Worth a try and enjoy this massage complete!

Hot Stone Massage:


Perhaps one of the most popular massages ever, its charm lies in the use of flat stones, previously heated and arranged along several areas of the body. Functioning as an extension of the therapist’s arms, the effect of this massage is phenomenal and even has to be felt to be perceived. With long – lasting and beneficial to health, the hot stone massage is simply obligatory.

Massage Therapy:


Completely focused on the health and elimination of pain, massage therapy has as main targets the tensions and “us” muscle which many people suffer chronically. This is an extremely intense and deep pressure massage, and may even be painful for some people; however, it provides unparalleled relief for those suffering from body pain. Visit waxing center in Manhattan to get best care of waxing.

Swedish Massage:


Considered the most classic of all massages, because formed the basis for several other types of massage, the Swedish massage is a good advantage point for those who will experience the first massage. The use of essential oils softens the six pressure movements, sliding and even vibration that characterize this massage, which has numerous physical and emotional benefits.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage:


Increasingly sought by those who suffer from tired and heavy legs, but also to combat cellulite, the powers of massage manual lymphatic drainage reside in her soft, circular and precise movements, whose main goal free water and toxins accumulated in the body. The end result? A sense of pure lightness!

Aromatherapy Massage:


to combine the pleasure of a massage the pleasure of aromatherapy has proved a huge success in the world of spas. The massage consists of highly relaxing movements, joins an essential oil that meets the needs of the person at that time – relieve fatigue, feel more energy, freedom from anxiety…

Massage for Two:


It is now the time when spas were exclusively reserved for women! In addition, there are already numerous male spa treatments, massage the two became a special little gift for many couples, in almost always romantic environment where no lack candles, incense and soft music, the couple enjoys in simultaneous massage, during which they can enjoy a chat or simply spend quality time together, enjoying the silence. A great way to break the routine!

Sports Massage:


Although specifically aim at athletes can and should be experience by all those people who have a super-active life or who practice a sport regularly and need to keep the body fit. The sports massage has as guiding principles, improve muscle tone, in order to ensure and increase the performance and endurance. It has the peculiarity can be perform before an important and demanding physical activity – which prepares the body, reducing the risk of injury; or after the same as recovery massage.

Prenatal Massage:


A special treat for pregnant women, prenatal massage is especially suitable for future moms who are in the second or third trimester of pregnancy and whose weight is already feeling its effects. Especially working back and tired legs, this massage promotes a feeling of total relaxation.

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