Before you start your bridal makeup for the face, you need to remind yourself of the importance of the occasion. As we all may acknowledge, wedding is a very special moment of your life. You want to preserve the sweet memories of it in your minds, for a lifetime.

You want to be the center of the attention in your wedding. So, bridal makeup for the face needs to be much more dramatic and glamorous from your usual makeup routine. You need to keep track of the basic wedding makeup essentials that we are going to discuss here. Provided you master these simple steps, the perfect bridal makeup looks for many pre and post wedding events, are easy to achieve.

Asian bridal makeup requires greater dramatisation with the use of warmer and brighter hues. Firstly, find out the different kinds of looks that you want to wear and the level of drama you wish to create for the different days. The makeup should be in accordance to the outfit that you will carry and various other aspects that include the ambient lightnings, weather, skin type, etc. Plus, for hotter regions, specifically Indian wedding makeup has to be done aptly to bear with heat. In Indian weddings, often long hours are spent in front of the fire, for havens and you do not want look oily.

If you cannot get yourself a professional makeup artist to do your makeup, you need not panic. You can perfectly do the makeup yourself by following the bridal makeup tutorials mentioned here. The ultimate makeup depends on the tools that you use. So, here you will also learn about the basic makeup accessories that you require. The right tools mostly demand greater investment. But, the difference it makes is really worth all the money you spend.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Below you will find out about the must have makeup tools and also how to do bridal makeup without any visible error:

1. Face Primer

A well chosen primer ensures that the makeup lasts through the long events. Moreover, in hot and humid weathers, a quality primer will hold on to the makeup without letting it fade or even melt. If you have blemishes, the primer will make the concealer stick to your skin for longer hours.

Application Technique:
Buy a known brand that can work great as eye shadow primer too. If you have dry skin, apply primer after you have put on a thin layer of moisturiser. Else, rub on an entire ice cube prior to the application for an oil free skin. This will lessen the visibility of the open pores. Also, the primer will stretch the life of your bridal makeup looks even longer.

2. Base

The foundation and concealer together form the base of your makeup that helps you to get that perfectly flawless complexion. If the color and the consistency do not match your skin type and complexion, your ultimate look can be a total disaster. Be very careful when you purchase your base products. Do multiple swatches to check in bright light to find if it really matches your complexion. Some makeup outlets often let you tryout the product on your face. So, do take advantage of that as very often face and hand complexions do not match. Do not check products in low light, as you will most probably go wrong. Always pick yellow under-toned concealers, as they offer greater cover.

Application Technique:
Do not buy the base products that include SPF, as that will not bring out the right effects in bright light. SPF reflects too much light that will make you look fake in camera flash. If you are allergic or if your skin is prone to breakouts, make sure the foundation is non comedogenic i.e. it does not clog pores. Else, you could also try out the mineral based foundations. When using the concealer, do not rub in the product. Dot on the blemishes and under eye and pat the concealer into the skin. This will ensure proper cover. Do not over do with base.

3. Face Contour Palette

The bright lights often tend to flatten the face contours and do not bring out the features. So, mastering the contours is very vital, as too much will make you look ghastly. Also, for Asian bridal makeup contouring is often necessary to add sharpness to the features.

Application Technique:
For a more naturally blended contouring use two different shades of foundations. While one must be a couple of shades lighter than your complexion the other should be a few shades darker. Use them carefully for better results. Apply the lighter shade on the regions you want to make them more visible, like your under eyes, bridge and corners of your nose, around your lips, etc. On the other hand apply the darker shade long your jaw line, hollow of your cheeks, around your hairline, etc. features that you want to hide. Blend out the colors evenly.

4. Highlighter/Luminiser

Your wedding is absolutely your day to glow. With all the eyes on you and the cameras capturing every moment, your skin must be super radiant. Pick a cream highlighter for a longer stay. This with also prevent the product from spreading all over your face. But, for oily skin, a powder luminiser is good enough.

Application Technique:
A cream highlighter in a pearly or golden shade depending on the attire can be dotted on the highest contours of your face. Then blend it with light strokes. Your finger tips are ideal to do this job effectively. If you have oily skin, you must not over do with highlighting, as too much shine can make you look greasy.

5. Blush

Beautifully blushing cheeks enhance the charm of the bride. For Indian wedding makeup, stay away from too dark shades, as they look very odd and unreal. Choose a floral shade like orange, pink or peach for a naturally warm and flushed look.

Application Technique:
Take some product on your fluffy brush and dust off the excess. Then make a fish face and apply the blush on to the apples of your cheeks. Remember, the more rounder is your face; the closer to the nose should be the ideal application. Sweep the same brush, along your hairline and your chin to even out the impact.

6. Eyeliner

On the day of your wedding your eyes do all the talking. So particularly for Indian wedding makeup, the focus should be to heighten the enchantment of your eyes. Even if you do not prefer heavily done eyes, you need to define them properly, to bring out the magic. Choose a gel liner in dark black for the added depth and intensity. If you find brushes difficult to handle or messy, you could even get the pen forms. Both the pen and the brush create similar effects that are smudge free and dark.

Application Technique:
Line both the upper and lower lid. To make your eyes look bigger and wider, line the tear line with a nude or white pencil. Tight line your upper lid, to make the lashes look thicker. Do not fear as just a little practice will hone up your skills. Do not draw thick lines as that will only make your eyes appear smaller.

7. Mascara

This is a must have for thick romantic lashes. Pick the ones that do not make your lashes look wirey spider like. The main object is to look beautiful naturally. One must not be able to count the number of products you have used. Stash this useful product in to your handbag to repeat whenever you feel the need.

Application Technique:
Curl your lashes with a curler then apply multiple coats of mascara. Comb out the lashes with the wand in a zigzag motion; concentrate on the inner corners of the eyes. Apply mascara on both the upper and lower lash line to make your eyes open up.

8. Falsies

A right set of fake eye lashes is great for a more picture perfect look. Buy the natural hair lashes for a more real appeal. Though these can be a bit on the higher side of price, you will love the results.

Application Technique:
Use a pair of tweezers to apply the lashes very close to the real lash line. Press them in gently without poking into your eyes. There should be enough glue to keep them for the long hours. Do not mind the extra glue, as once it is dry it will not show.

9. Lipstick/Gloss

Coordinate the eyes with the lips as these are two main features of your face. If your eye makeup is too sensational, the lips should be peach, nude or any other lighter shade. Else, you can use reds, mauves, maroons, etc. depending on the colour of your outfit. Lip liner is necessary for the perfect Cupid’s bow.

Application Technique:
Match the shade of your lipstick and the liner. After lining the lips, fill your lips with the liner. Apply the lipstick with a brush to avoid creasing. Top up the lipstick with a transparent or same shade gloss, dotting only a bit on the center of your pout for a 3D effect.

10. Translucent Powder/Compact

The translucent powder or compact mostly forms the last step of your makeup. Pick light weighted compact to prevent the makeup from building up. This sets the makeup adding a matte effect. A cheap compact can make your face standout like a mask. There is nothing more unattractive than overdone makeup.

Application Technique:
Use a kabuki or fluffy powder brush to sweep only a little product along the T-zone and the cheeks. This will dust off the excess makeup and set the complete look.

Remember to make the most of these tips, you must stash all the backup tools you might need like gloss, mascara, blotting pads, wet and dry tissues, eye drop, etc. into your little handbag to touch up your makeup as and when it’s needed.

This bridal makeup tutorial will guide you through your wedding days. These bridal makeup tips for the face will show you how to do bridal makeup easily and effortlessly.

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