An attractive smile is an extremely valuable asset, no matter who you are. But a perfect smile may seem unattainable, especially considering very few of us are born with a movie-star grin. Luckily, the world of dentistry has evolved to be able fix nearly every toothy imperfection—and quite affordably, too! If you notice one or more of the following flaws in your smile, a simple visit or two to the dentist will get you that perfect grin you’ve always wanted.

Whitening for Yellow Teeth

If your smile is looking a bit dull and yellowed, you can brighten it up by spending a couple hours with your dentist. An initial cleaning by a dental hygienist might make a huge difference in the color of your smile by removing layers of built-up plaque. A professional whitening will take it to the next level, however; you can specify which exact shade of white you’d like to reach, and the dentist will apply a formula to your teeth. This process takes a little under an hour, and your smile will be brand new!

Invisalign for Crooked Teeth

A jagged smile can be a sign of poor diet or genetic factors, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it forever. Your dentist can refer you to an orthodontics practice in the area if you are interested in standard braces, but many adults prefer something more subtle. Ask your dentist if they offer Invisalign, a nearly-invisible orthodontic process that will straighten out your teeth in under two years.

Gum Lift/Veneers for Small Teeth

Everyone wants to be able to light up a room with their smile, but that’s hard to do with tiny teeth. Small teeth are usually a result of periodontitis (gum disease), and dentists can raise the gum line and install porcelain veneers to give you a brand new smile. However, some patients find that a simple gum lift alone can give them a natural big and beautiful smile.

Bonding for Chipped Teeth

It’s easy to chip a tooth every now and again, and luckily it’s just as easy to repair one. Dentists can use a bonding cement tinted the exact color of your tooth and fill in the missing parts of the enamel. By shaping, filing, and artificially enhancing the hardening process of the bonded parts, your dentist can seamlessly integrate the new material into the rest of your tooth. You don’t even need any local anesthesia to go through the procedure!

Bridges for Missing Teeth

A bridge is a type of dental implant inserted into the gums to fill in a missing tooth. It affects the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth (which often must be removed), but uses hand-tailored crowns to give you a flawless grin. If you’ve only lost one tooth, a bridge is the perfect option to renew your smile. If you’ve lost more than one tooth due to decay (and fear you may lose more), there are plenty of cosmetic dentists who offer fantastic dentures for a look you can be satisfied with.

You may not have much extra cash to spend on refurbishing your smile, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on it. There are plenty of loans available for medical and dental care. No matter what your smile needs to become better, trust that your dentist has the power to make it happen!

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