Want to get rid of your curls? Choose the best solution to do it.

Fed up with taming your curls? Wish to go for straight hair? In case the reply to both of the two questions is positive, in that case, hair straightening is a solution that you can think about. But there are various treatment methods to select. If you happen to be puzzled which one to choose, here’s an extensive list for you.

First of all, what is hair straightening?

Hair straightening is a process where hair is straightened employing numerous tools and procedures. The method may be short-term or everlasting. You will find different ways to straighten your hair based on how curly your locks are. Here I will discuss 5 effective hair straightening process for your curly locks.

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The way it is done

Straightening lotions:

In case your lock isn’t too much curly, then you can go for straightening creams and lotions available over there on the market that covers your locks and stops it from curling.


Blow-drying is also a process which can create your hair straighter however it will last simply until the time you don’t clean them.


Chemical relaxers:

Chemical relaxers include chemical substances which break the ties that are the cause of the style your locks are – straight, wavy or curly. However as the name indicates, they are filled with chemicals for example – calcium hydroxide, guanidine carbonate, ammonium thioglycolate and lithium hydroxide.

Japanese thermal reconditioning:

It is a permanent hair straightening treatment that entails making use of relaxing chemicals, deep conditioning, neutralisation treatments and repetitive high-temperature ironing. It’s an extended method and will cost you lots of money; however, you’ll need to go to the parlour just for re-growth touch up afterwards. For about 3 days after the therapy, you can’t moist your locks or even tie it up.

Keratin treatment:

The method includes a lot of chemicals and also several hours of ironing, however, the problem is the utilization of formaldehyde such as an active component. It is not going to create your locks poker-straight however it will lessen frizz and reduce the curls which creating your locks smooth in structure. However, this therapy may not work towards incredibly curly hair. Listed below are some other treatment methods.

Hair Straightened:

Hair strengtheners/Flat irons are most likely the best product used for straightening your hair and having a good reason as they perform on extremely curly locks too. However, the process is short-term and will work until the next hair wash. Be sure to select the right one – for those who have short or a bit wavy hair, choose a smaller width plate but if it’s long and dense, opt for the wider versions. Are you doing these types of curly hair mistakes? I strongly recommend you to go for Chi flat iron hair strengtheners for your hair.

Things to keep in mind

Usually, when your locks are bleached or coloured, permanent treatment procedures may damage your locks. Therefore, be sure you inform your hair stylist about all the treatment you’ve earlier had.

Don’t try to attempt permanent treatment options on your locks at home – it’s not going to work. Thereby making sure you going for a dependable hairstylist, though when you need to spend out a bit more.

Low skilled stylists may harm your locks – inappropriate percentage of chemicals, inadequate or excessive amount ironing. This may result in discontentment and lead you to various problems such as breakage, getting thinner or split finishes. Carry out this hair guide for curly locks.

And also don’t ever try to attempt an online tutorial since each woman’s locks are different. Just a professional hairstylist should be able to explain what exactly your locks requires or will be able to put up with.

One other problem with hair remedies is the touch ups in every few months. As well as the in-between days is the uncomfortable period while your locks are just beginning to grow out, however, isn’t enough long to straighten.

Economically stating, it’s not just the money you pay for the remedy, but additionally after the therapy. The majority of stylists are going to give you advice on a particular shampoo, conditioner or perhaps hair sprays to ensure your locks maintains its straightness so these kinds of expenses are additional too. Additionally, you can try these methods for wavy hair also.

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