You are striving hard to lose belly fat, but even after trying so hard, you could not manage to decrease even 2-3 inches off your waistline. You want to look smart that is the reason why you want to train your abdominal muscles. You have tried different things to get in shape. Let us find out what went wrong in the process of losing belly fat. Probably you are making some mistakes and that is the reason for your failure.

Crunches will do wonders to your belly fat

You think that doing loads of crunches every day along with sit-ups will bring magical results to your body. As a matter of fact, these exercises are for training abdominal muscles, but they cannot burn the belly fat. In order to burn fat from your body, you have to understand the concept of fat burning. Strength training and cardio training are two wonderful exercises, which will definitely bring astonishing results. You have to do them with the right combination of your calorie intake.

Do you eat whenever you feel like eating?

You may be doing the right exercises to burn your body fat, but you will not get results unless you eat in moderation. Unaccounted eating will replace the burned calories with unhealthy foods. So even if you are doing different exercises regularly, it doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever and whenever you feel like eating.

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You have not included resistance training

You have selected a workout plan, but not included resistance training into your workout. This is the biggest mistake you are making. If you want to lose belly fat, then it is imperative on your part to include strength training in your workout routine. Resistance training will increase the muscles in your body and your body will burn more calories even if you are resting; strength training will also increase your strength.

Are you doing only cardio sessions?

In case you are doing long cardio sessions, whether on the treadmill or on a stationary bike, it will not decrease your belly fat, if you do them in combination with strength training. Cardiovascular exercises increase the heart rate and improve the health of your lungs. If you want to benefit from cardio exercises then opt for interval training. This is a kind of training in which you have to work out continuously, you have to alternate between high intensity exercises and low intensity exercises, in recovery periods you can switch to low intensity exercises.

Have you changed your lifestyle?

In case you feel that you are dieting and doing exercises, which you don’t like, then it will be difficult for you to burn the belly fat. Exercises and dieting is not a burden on you, rather they are performed to make you healthy and free from different body ailments. That is why it is advised to get involved in those physical activities, which you find interesting to burn fat, which is accumulated around your midsection. If you are interested in playing football or lawn tennis, then play these games on a regular basis. If you want to see the results, change your lifestyle.

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