Taking care of your skin does not mean taking care of only your face. Most women get this one very wrong, they think when they are advised to do cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine everyday that means they will only need to do that routine for their face. But what about rest of your body?

People are going to see that too, especially in summer when you cannot wear all covered dresses and most of the time your hands and legs are bare. If the face and legs have different skin tone then it looks odd. Some people use body lotion but that is not enough, just like a moisturizer is not enough for your face.

Good news is that the steps are simple and you already heard about these things a plenty of times in your life but just were not careful about doing them every day and that is why your legs are looking dark and lifeless these days. Well you can start doing the right things from today and in one week you will have glowing arms and legs. So here are the steps that you need to do every day to protect your skin from all kinds of weather conditions.

Wear a high SPF sunscreen every time you go out

Try using a Sunscreen that has SPF higher than 30, if your skin is sensitive then use the sunscreen that are made for little kids. Normally all kids creams are made without any harmful chemicals so it will not give you any kind of bad side effects. Use the Sunscreen all over your body even on the portions which will be covered by dress, otherwise you will get an uneven skin tone. Check out our recommendation on Best Sunscreen to find out the best one for you.

Don’t forget the neck

Most of us focus on the face that we tend to forget the neck. The neck also needs care as fine lines could be visible there as well. Choosing a quality neck cream is important to prevent it from premature aging. Do not forget this essential part of the body when washing and applying sunscreen as well.

No soaps for any part of the body

Soaps are skin’s number one enemy, most soap that are available on the market have chemicals in them and that is why they make the skin look dull and lifeless. Do not use a gentle face wash and a harsh soap for rest of the body, rest of the body also deserves gentle soap free care. So use an organic shower gel for the body every day. It may cost a little more but if you keep using the gel instead of soap for the entire summer then hands and legs will not be dry in winter times.

Moisturizer for the entire body


You need two moisturizers every day, one for your face and one for your body. After you are finished with your shower apply both the moisturizers and this routine should be done daily without fail. If you do not then your body will be dry, you may not know but dry skins are more likely to get lines and wrinkles earlier than the skin which are hydrated all the time, so if you do not want arms with lose skin then keep it hydrated all day. Check out our recommendation on Best Body Moisturizer to find out the best one for you.

Never go out without a sweater in chilly condition

I was surprised to saw some young women wearing shorts in winter, not only that they are at a risk of catching cold but more importantly this could seriously hurt their bare skin. There is a reason why people advise to wear appropriate clothes in winter, when it’s cold outside your skin also wants to be warm. So wear woolen leggings or jeans so your skin does not lose all the moisture, knee high boots will protect your legs.

Dry up your skin gently

Do not use the towel harshly to dry off your skin after the shower. First of all always use a cotton towel, synthetic towels are not good for your skin and then very softly dry your skin off. It will take a little longer than you may plan to spend but if you gently use the towel to dry off your skin then your skin cells will not be damaged. Another thing no matter what anyone says do not harshly scrub your skin too. Remember one thing whenever you touch your skin you have to be very gentle.

Drink 8 glasses of water and maintain a good diet

This is the basic thing that everyone will suggest to do, but if you listen and do it then you will realize that this will solve a lot of tour problems. So next time if you are hungry grab an apple instead of a potato chips packet, it takes 21 days to change the food habit, try doing that and see how glowing your skin becomes in just 21 days. People will notice this positive change and you will get lots of compliments.

So do these basic things and see how confident you feel because of your blemish free skin.

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