What is Aerobics?

Aerobic exercises are a wonderful total body workout that can tremendously benefit every part of the body. Also popularly known as ‘Cardio’, aerobics serves as a holistic exercise and plays a significant role in maintaining health. There are several types of aerobic exercises, which can help you attain fitness. People that attend aerobics for weight loss classes enjoy the choreograph workout because it is fun and easy to do. The involvement of music and dance in aerobics helps you to work out tirelessly for 45 minutes to one hour on a regular basis.

Aerobic workout for weight loss isn’t very rigid but allows flexibility when it comes to the intensity of the workout. For example, you can begin with a light intensity aerobic workout for a short duration and increase it to a moderate intensity or high intensity workout, for longer duration later. Ideally, when one does aerobics for weight loss, it should be performed at moderate speeds, so that you can burn a good amount of calories and not get exhausted. Walking, running, jogging, cycling, dancing and swimming are all considered to be aerobics that help with weight loss.



The multiple health benefits of aerobics are the sole reason behind its immense popularity. It yields fruitful results, which are not just link to one aspect of life, but overall health and happiness. These are the benefits of an aerobic workout.

1. Weight Loss

Fat is indeed one of the essential elements of body, but excess accumulation of fat makes you overweight and obese. When excess fat accumulates inside your body, it alters your body shape. Burning fat requires more oxygen and aerobic exercises provide more oxygen to the body. They help burn the fat in the body and as such, become very helpful in weight loss.

2. More Flexibility

Aerobics makes your muscles and ligaments more flexible. Swimming, walking, jogging, cycling and dancing; all focus on the body muscles and joints. For example, dancing makes your limbs stretch and makes them extremely lean, so you can build a leaner and more flexible physique by performing aerobics regularly.

3. Improve Blood Flow and Enhance Stamina

Why do athletes have more stamina than us, normal people? What are the factors that increase and decrease the stamina? Well, there is something called ‘consumption of oxygen’. Muscles consume oxygen from the blood. Aerobic exercises strengthen the blood carrying arteries and the muscles of the heart, thereby increasing the blood flow in your body. Pumping of blood in and out of the heart goes on without any break and the intensity of the pumping increases with the escalation in physical activity. Aerobic exercises empower the lungs, muscles of the heart and ventricles (hollow part or cavity in an organ). When the lungs supply sufficient oxygen to heart, it in turn pumps blood, oxygen and other essential nutrients to the organs, tissues and muscles. Aerobics strengthens the whole system of blood circulation and as a result enhances your stamina to a higher level.

4. Control Blood Sugar

Excess of blood sugar leads to serious consequences and therefore, must be kept under control. There are various ways to control blood sugar but aerobic exercises are one of the best and most popular ways of reducing or controlling blood sugar. In fact, blood sugar in moderation is an essential requirement of the body. It creates problems only when it increases or decreases. Blood sugar is the fuel for muscles and it is a proven fact that aerobics burns more blood sugar than any other activity or exercise.

5.Stress Buster

Aerobic exercises are proven to be effective stress busters. It has been observed that while one does aerobic exercises, a chemical substance called endorphins is released by the body. Endorphin acts like anti-depressants and thus brings about mental and emotional relief. Aerobics not only makes you fitter, but happier too.

6. Strengthen and Tone Muscles

While doing aerobics (or any physical exercise), the proteins present in the muscles are broken down and used as energy. The tissues in our muscles are constantly broken down and rebuilt. These two processes are called anabolic and catabolic respectively. Anabolic refers to building and catabolic refers to breaking of the muscle tissues. Aerobics can increase the anabolic (muscle building) and reduce the catabolic (muscle breakdown) effect of muscle tissues. So, one can gain and maintain muscles with aerobic workouts.

Types of Aerobics for Weight Loss

There are different types of aerobics which can be helpful in shedding the extra weight.

1. Aqua or Water Aerobics
2. Dance Aerobics
3. Step Aerobics

Please Remember to Start any Exercise Under Expert Supervision.

1. Aqua or Water Aerobics

Known by different names like water aerobics, waterobics, aqua fitness, aquatic fitness and aqua fit etc, aqua aerobics is the type of aerobics you perform under water (mostly in swimming pools). Usually, this kind of aerobics is organise with a group.


Buoyancy and water resistance are two main factors that give aqua aerobics its extra special benefits.

How to do Water Aerobics?

Water aerobics for weight loss is mostly do in gyms where there is a swimming pool facility. Under the guidance of the instructor, you can easily learn breathing, floating, walking, bouncing and gradually stretching your abs, legs and waist. Once you learn the basic exercises, you can then learn to workout with different equipment as well. Knowing how to swimming is a plus and will help you get more from your aerobic workout.

Benefits of Aqua Aerobics

Water aerobics for weight loss is one of the best ways to shed those extra kilos. The natural resistance of water makes you burn calories with every movement you do. It is a well known fact that the people who are overweight burn more calories when they start doing water aerobics. Water Yoga, Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Jog and Zumba are some different and popular forms of Aqua Aerobics.

2. Dance Aerobics

Dance Aerobics or Dance Cardio is one of the hot favourites among fitness workouts these days. Various dance forms are combined to make this workout interesting and fun. The confluence of traditional aerobic movements and dance create a wonderful effect and speeds up the process of weight loss. Dance aerobics is the most suitable form of aerobics for weight loss for beginners.


How To Do Dance Aerobics?

Dance aerobics classes are choreograph in such a way that all the participants dance and have fun doing it. The addition of different dance styles will never let you get bored.

Benefits of Dance Aerobics

There are multitudes of benefits that you can reap from dance aerobics. It is a full body workout, which means you target all areas of your body during this workout. Apart from weight loss, there are several other benefits like, cardiovascular conditioning, enhanced stamina and toning of muscles. Also, it is a good workout to ward off boredom or monotony in life. The combined effects of rhythmic coordination of dance moves and aerobics help improve flexibility and gracefulness in the body. Dance aerobics also strengthens the memory, as one has to remember several steps and sequences. Moreover, because dance is usually do in groups, it renders an opportunity to be more social and adds more engagement in your life.

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3. Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is perform with elevated boards or platforms, which are use to step up and down. The height of the elevated surface is about 4 to 12 inches. Unlike dance cardio, one does not need to learn or memorise too many moves or steps. Step Aerobics is one of the simplest aerobics for weight loss and many gyms offer this facility.


How to do Step Aerobics?

Stepping up on the elevated platform and step down from it makes your whole body work. There is no need for expensive equipment. Once you learn to use the platform properly, you can even invent your own steps. Make sure you focus when you perform this activity as one wrong step can lead to injuries.

Benefits of Step Aerobics

The rapid step movements are very effective in burning calories and fat, resulting in the loss of extra weight. Along with lots fun, step aerobics tones your legs and provides lots of physical balance, flexibility and endurance. It is consider to be an excellent workout for weight loss at home as you neither need any expensive equipment, nor too much space.

Millions of people across the world today are becoming more and more conscious of their overall health. The significance of aerobics as a result, is escalating day by day. Be it dance aerobics, step aerobics or water aerobics for weight loss; all bring you several benefits in different ways.

If you are looking for specific benefits like shedding some extra belly fat and toning your legs and buttocks; you need to select the proper type of aerobics. It is therefore necessary to educate and inform oneself before undertaking any form of aerobics. All aerobics promote weight loss but some of the forms may work faster than others.

Aerobics is great fun and is a rejuvenating experience. You may be overburdened by your duties and responsibilities but it is worth remembering that health must never be compromised. There is no life without good health.

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