Solid wood flooring is something that should be admired and cherished. When you see real wood flooring you can tell instantly and can almost feel it underneath your feet, which is why it is so important to get the right wood flooring for you.

Solid wood flooring tends to last a very long time and you can almost watch it change with you as you and your family grow up, so does your floor. The beauty of having wood floors is that you have a living material right under you and as a living material it adapts to its surroundings. For example if it happens to be very cold your floor will shrink (only ever so slightly) and if it is very hot it will expand. Seeing your floor change is a beautiful thing and worth every penny of the price you paid!

Solid wood flooring comes in all different materials. Pre-finished and un-finished oak. Oak is especially pretty when it changes colour as it gets older. Aged and antique oak flooring is also lovely in the right settings such as an old farmhouse.

  • Ash flooring: Quiet light in colour yet a huge variety.
  • Bamboo flooring: Renowned for its strength, this material comes in four different choices. Natural, carbonised, vertical or horizontal.
  • Beech flooring: Light brown in colour, this wood is known for its heaviness and fine grain. This floor works very well in heavy traffic areas.
  • Birch flooring: This is a pale wood that is also quite heavy.
  • Cherry flooring: Pale pink in colour, this wood will turn dark red once aged.
  • Hevea flooring: One of the eco friendly wood floors, this wood is light in colour and could be compared to ash.
  • Kempas flooring: This wood is from the same family as the cherry tree. It also has a dark reddish colour and is a very hard wood with a course grain.
  • Larch flooring: This is one of the few woods that are waterproof. It is a softwood and is often used for outdoor furniture.
  • Maple flooring: Maple comes in a huge variety of colours from pale yellow all the way through to black.
  • Merbau flooring: This flooring gives a high class finish. It is available in many colours. It is, however, rarely used for flooring any more due to illegal milling.
  • Pine flooring: Pine tends to be used as basic flooring as it is quick to produce and replace.
  • Teak flooring: Again this isn’t used very often sue to restraints but is a medium weight timber.
  • Walnut flooring: This hardwood flooring is extremely hard. It has a chocolate colour but is quite expensive.

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Choosing which solid wood flooring is right for you can be a difficult choice. It will depend on the style of the room, the age of the house, where you are going to put it and what look you are trying to achieve. Wood floors are becoming so much more popular than carpet because they give the room so much more character and with each different wood come a different look. Even with the designs of the grain it can make a huge difference. So when you decide which wood to use for your wood floors be sure to pick the one that you feel happiest with and not just the one that the interior design magazine said would look great!

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