Looking good always seems easier in the summer. Let’s face it, most things seem easier in the summer, when it’s warmer and there’s seemingly less to worry about. In the summer months, our skin is glowing, we don’t have to worry about keeping warm, and we can throw on a light dress and put some tinted moisturizer on and feel amazing. In the winter, warmth and comfort have to come before style, and we can find that we are wearing the same jeans and sweatshirts all of the time. This can quickly get boring, and you might be longing to add some style to your winter wardrobe. Here’s a look at a few essentials for a warm and stylish season.

A Neutral Coat

Chances are, you are going to wear your winter coat a lot during wintertime. If you can, it’s good to have a few options, so that you’ve got something more stylish for nights out or meetings, as well as your practical, warm, and waterproof option for when you are spending a lot oftime outdoors.

If you have one main day-to-day coat, opting for a neutral colour and a basic style that will work well with all of your winter outfits and shoes can be a good idea.

Everyday Boots

The same goes for your boots. You may have a few pairs of winter shoes for specific occasions throughout the season. But day to day, one very good quality pair of boots is a must. They should be well-made and long-lasting, comfortable, and waterproof. Ideally, you should choose black or another dark colour that is hardwearing and looks good with all of your outfits. Biker books can make a good choice.

Day Dresses

Jeans and trousers are easy to wear, comfortable and warm in the winter. But wearing them every day is boring. Dresses layered with tights, jumpers and vests can be warm, and look fantastic. Day dresses in comfortable styles that you can easily dress up with heels and a smart jacket, or down with boots and a loose cardigan are versatile, stylish, and practical and make a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

Chunky Knits

Chunky jumpers look fabulous layered with jeans and t-shirts or worn over casual dresses. They are warm but give you space to add extra layers underneath, and they’ll look brilliant with a lighter jacket and scarf as we move into spring.

An Oversized Cardigan

A chunky jumper looks fantastic over skinny jeans or with a dress, but if you want to show your dress off more, you might prefer a cardigan. Long-length cardigans look great with a dress for a day out but are also perfect with jogging bottoms or leggings on a relaxed day at home.


Jeans might already be your go-to for cold weather. They are incredibly versatile, look great with baggy jumpers or fitted tops, and can be easily dressed up with heels and a sparkly top. While wide-legged jeans are in style at the moment, you might prefer a skinny or straight option that you can tuck into boots to keep dry in bad weather.

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Trendy Turtlenecks

Turtleneck tops are very fashionable this year as we try to wrap up warm. They are incredibly warming, but also great for layering. A turtleneck can be worn over tops, but also under things like dresses or flannel shirts to add a warm layer without covering your statement garment. If you want something that looks fantastic tucked into jeans or trousers, a turtleneck bodysuit could be a fabulous choice.

A Range of Basics

Basics like vests, leggings, thin crew neck jumpers and plain long-sleeve t-shirts might not be the most exciting pieces in your wardrobe, but they are key pieces that keep you warm and give you layering options. They aren’t the hero pieces, but they are incredibly important and worth investing in.

Bold Accessories

Bold accessories, whether a statement pendant or brooch or an oversized winter scarf are an easy way to add some glamour to even the most practical winter outfits.

Fun Waterproofs

On those cold, grey, rainy days, when we don’t see the sun at all, your waterproofs are essential, but they can also be a great way to cheer yourself up. Bright raincoats, patterned wellies and fun umbrellas add some magic to a rainy day.

A Spacious Tote

A designer tote bag is a must for winter days out, especially if you’ve got a big shopping trip planned. A stylish tote bag means that you don’t need to worry about packing or buying shopping bags and that you can carry everything comfortably. A tote is also ideal for big days out with the family or Christmas visits. Check out these tote bags for any occasion to find one to suit your style.

Looking good in winter doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice warmth or comfort. With the right fashion choices and accessories, there’s no reason why you can’t have it all.

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