Gone are the days when 9 to 5 were the strictly followed working hours. Now with the emergence of corp Health and Fitness Care rate culture and large scale establishment of private enterprises the working hours have not only increased but have become stressful as well. Darwin’s age old theory of the ‘Survival of the fittest’ his now being proved right as everyone is in the desire of leap frogging the growing competition in the professional world. Amidst this race for proving talent and showing skills one tends to take fitness for granted. While working hard in office, we forget to focus on our health and usually end up indulging in unhealthy eating habits. Moreover, the long and stressful working hours leave us with no time to exercise. Are you one of those working professionals who are unable to stay fit because of the long sitting job? Practice these simple yet effective exercises at work:




After every 30-40 min, stretch your body, hands and legs to break the rhythm of inactivity. Rotate your neck, Stretching Exercises for Fitness wrists and fists. Stretch your calves up and down and Put your hands together in front of you and make a grip and stretch.

Standing crunches:


You must have done this at the gym but practice this in office too to keep away from unnecessary illnesses. Hold two full bottles of water. Stand with your hands on your sides, holding the bottles, parallel to the ground. Bring your hands in front every time you exhale and get back to the previous position when you inhale. Standing Crunches Exercise to Be Fit.

Eat light:


It is advised to eat small, lighter meals than to indulge in one heavy one. Avoid snacking on unhealthy stuff; instead go for fruits, low calorie food items when hungry in between. Also, keep yourself sufficiently hydrated as there is undoubtedly to substitute for water, it boosts good health. Healthy Food and Light to Be Healthy.

Take a walk:

Discuss team targets over a walk! Go out, breathe fresh and stay healthy. Says who that you’re sitting job cannot allow you to stay fit? You now know what to do!

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