It’s a misconception for people to think that a product is more effective when it has an unusual or lavish ingredient. People don’t have to use hair growth shampoos and conditioners made from the most expensive or rarest plant extracts. In fact, most hair-boosting constituents that you can find at home can be beneficial to hair growth. For instance, your home succulents, such as cacti, can be your hair’s ultimate best friend.

Cactus is a succulent that is mostly native to deserts. Cacti can survive in arid environments by having thick, spiky, and fleshy leaves for water storage. Thus, people who don’t want high-maintenance plants would opt to grow and tend cactus plants.

A particular variety of cactus families known as prickly pear has been a hot topic in the hair care industry. Not only does it look aesthetic as house and garden plants, but prickly pear cactus can also be utilized as a hair care ingredient. Its leaves and seeds can be extracted to produce cactus oil.

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How does cactus oil improve your hair growth quality and quantity? If you’re still not convinced to try using cactus oil for your hair, find out why you should use cactus oil after taking a bath.

The Power of Cactus Oil: Why You Should Massage Your Hair and Scalp with Cactus Oil 

1. Your hair can harness vitamin E from the cactus extract.

Having vitamin E, along with other essential nutrients for hair growth, is vital in considering an ingredient as beneficial for your tresses. Because of this hair growth vitamin, argan oil, known to have high vitamin E concentrations, has become an in-demand essential oil and ingredient for hair care products.

But recently, a promising essential oil made from the prickly pear cactus is also on par with the argan oil. Cactus oil is also highly concentrated with vitamin E that can keep your locks ultra-moisturized and well-protected. Its vitamin E is also a natural and powerful antioxidant that inhibits oxidative stress from damaging your hair follicles.

2. Using cactus oil can truly hydrate your hair and scalp.

Desert-dwelling plants like cactus have properties that prevent them from losing water. Hence, when you apply cactus oil on your hair after a warm bath, you are helping your hair cells maintain their moisture content, keeping your hair hydrated throughout the day. The essential fatty acids from cactus oil also create a barrier to prevent moisture loss.

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Are you always in a hurry? Well, cactus oil is perfect for your ultra-quick hair care regimen. It is a lightweight substance, making it easier for your hair and scalp to absorb the oils. Even if you forget to apply a hair conditioner after shampooing, you can still keep your locks well-hydrated with a quick application of cactus oil.

3. Cactus oil can be your best partner in scalp massages.

Besides storing water, plants that grow in dry and harsh environments are also packed with many nutrients so that they can thrive longer. Massaging your pate with cactus oil is also like treating your scalp; your scalp gets to absorb all the nutrients from the cactus extract.

Just like any other hair oil, cactus extract can also be used for scalp massages. By doing so, you can help stimulate proper blood circulation, which is needed for hair follicle nourishment. A healthy blood flow means more red blood cells can successfully deliver oxygen and other necessary nutrients for your hair follicles.

Cactus Oil, the Rising Star in Every Hair Care Routine

Shampooing isn’t enough to keep your tresses on point. You also need to revamp your hair care routine by using hair growth serum or hair oil with ingredients that can nourish, protect, and condition your hair effectively. Cactus oil may not be a mainstream ingredient, but its benefits already make it a rising star in the hair care industry. So, what are you waiting for? Use cactus oil to achieve the most desirable and most luscious locks ever.

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