Branch chain amino acids (BCAA) refer to three amino acids namely leucine, isoleucine, and valine that make up roughly a third of muscle protein. These amino acids are oxidized, after exercise, in the skeletal muscle to promote protein synthesis which in the end leads to muscle growth. They promote muscle growth through hypertrophy, an increase in muscle size due to increase in cell size. Doing exercises also factors in hypertrophy. This explains why amino acids are oxidized after exercise. Leucine, the major amino acid in the chain not only stimulates protein synthesis; it also increases synthesis of ribosomes and endoplasmic reticulum as well as acts as a protein on its own to build muscle.

BCAA supplements are manufactured to help people boost low protein levels as well as offer more proteins to body builders.

Benefits of BCAA supplements

They help to cover for amino acid deficiencies in people on a restrictive diet. Most diets favor a starch-rich meal against a protein rich meal. This limits the amount of amino acids ingested since starch foods mostly contain glucose. The missing amino acids are complemented by those in the supplement ensuring that you follow your diet goals without running a risk of amino acid deficiencies.

The supplement help in building muscles for athletes and body builders. BCAA synthesizes different amino acids in the body to form complex muscle tissues. When taken with starch, it stimulates the production of insulin which in turn increases glucose absorption in muscles cells for more energy. The overall process enhances protein synthesis by ribosomes. Synthesized protein later helps to re-grow and repair worn out muscles during exercises. Another way the supplement is useful for body builders is that by inhibiting protein breakdown and muscle loss. It lowers stress like cortisol which is produced during exercise. Lowering cortisol levels ensures that muscle and protein are not broken down to sugar even after strenuous exercise. This maintains the muscles that had been built over time.

Suitability for women


  • The supplement helps in making sure that ladies maintain a lean muscular body by making sure that muscles shredded during exercise fully recover.
  • By complementing diets, BCAA supplements make sure that weight lost during diet sessions is purely due to fat. It prevents gluconeogenesis, a process where muscle protein is broken down to supplement sugar levels in the body.
  • BCAA provides energy to make sure that an athlete does not burn out during exercise. This will make sure that she has enough energy to complete every workout session and make it count.
  • The statistics show that people who take BCAA have less visceral belly fat. This will ensure that a woman has a tiny belly, just as preferred.
  • Taking this supplement has been known to reduce soreness during exercise allowing a lady to train on high intensity and frequency without worrying about getting painful sores.

Suitability for men


  • Unlike many proteins that are synthesized in the liver, BCAA amino acids are directly synthesized in the muscles. This makes sure that muscle protein synthesis is immediately initiated after taking the supplement. Every workout will, therefore, result in muscle growth. The result is a bigger, muscular man.
  • Taking BCAA improves strength development during workout programs. This makes sure that the body synthesizes enough energy for muscle endurance.
  • If consumed before training, BCAA raises testosterone and insulin levels while inhibiting production of Cortisol. Testosterone is a hormone that promotes muscle growth which will assure greater results in terms of muscle gained after work out.

BCAA and weight loss

BCAA helps in reducing cravings and binges by increasing the amount of glucose absorption in your body and increasing production of serotonin neurotransmitter which simply makes you feel less hungry when you do not need to. This reduces accumulation of unnecessary fat in the body. They also stimulate protein synthesis to ensure that excess protein in the body is not synthesized to fat.

Side effects

Taking this supplement, to some can lead to nausea, pain, and headache. Leucine in BCAA also increases lipid production which may result in acne production for some few people. To stop this, it is recommended to reduce the overall intake of dairy products.


BCAAs provide a clear path to a healthier and fit body. It also helps to fight diseases related to low amino acid levels and diabetes. There is no doubt that the benefits of the supplement cannot be underestimated under any circumstances.

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