“The Goal of Meditation is not to get rid of thoughts or emotions, the goal is to become more aware of thoughts and emotions and learn how to move through them without getting stuck.”

– DR. P. Goldin

Plagued by your past, and finding the right way to let it go? You’ve clicked on the apt link to find the quick and permanent fix to the issue.

Past holds a great piece of us and letting go of the past can be quite a challenging task for most of us. Moving on isn’t easy, past is a part of our identity, but rotting things are always good to keep forth. Pleasant and blissful memories lure us back to happy times making us smile, whereas, hard time or unpleasant memories ravage our mind in more than one way.

Letting go of the past is no less than winning your freedom from the re-circulation of bitter memories, traumatic events, people, or relationship. This makes you more emotionally reactive, disturbs the balance of the mind and body, makes you weak, neediness, and you feel stressed due to the baggage of the past you’re bearing for long.

Not anymore long, and we’re guessing you’re here as you too want to get rid of the same.

Unlock the doors to welcome a wonderful present letting yourself from the misery of the past to simply enjoy life. To take you through that very door, the practice of meditation is awaiting you.

Meditation plays a great role in the practice of yoga, be it in a class, retreat, or Yoga Teacher Training in India.

Meditation is a beautiful practice that takes your mind to a state of rest by delving deeper inward to bring peace and stillness and free you from agitation. The art of quieting the mind and relaxing the body to attain an inner state of awareness and spiritual growth is helpful. This makes you live in the present moment without stressing upon past events or worrying about the future.

So, here are the points that make you know how meditation helps you to forget your past to start fresh.


It helps you to acknowledge the challenges of the Past

Not thinking about your past for a short period of time or avoiding is not a solution. You need to consider a long term solution to help yourself get rid of your past completely. Unresolved past experiences at times create lasting psychological and physiological effects. Meditation practice helps you to find how your past is affecting your current outlook. Meditation helps you to acknowledge your past challenges and bitter memories to pull you out completely. Instead of pretending that you’re okay or the past isn’t affecting you, try to calmly concede it and feel whatever you want, to get yourself free from the experience.

Makes you understand the traumatic effect on the brain

Now that meditation makes you aware, you understand how the past is affecting the brain and body, which depends on how traumatic or intense experiences you have had. When you feel so, it indicates that it’s time to get over. Remind yourself that reality is standing beforehand and is complicated enough. Past happenings or traumatic incidents tend to change the way your mind works, and you take long time to overcome. Meditation practice helps you to realise how deep you dig in the past, and gradually helps you to realise that the body and mind keeps on reorganising themselves based on new experiences.

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Lets you accept the change which can’t be altered

One can revisit or change the past, but you can always change the way you handle it. Meditation is that change that refrain you from hurting yourself, carry over your emotional pain with new experiences, and makes you accept the change. Meditation brings awareness and ignites consciousness. Which helps you to accept the reality forgiving the past and allows you to feel better. Even then, when you feel angry or sad recalling the past happenings, remind yourself that it will cause no good. Your reaction won’t alter the past, so gain strength and let go.

Helps to remove the emotional baggage

It is time to get heal by maintaining your strength that braces your progress towards a good and free life. There are various ways to em-battle yourself, but surely nothing is better than meditation. Meditation is a powerful combination of healing and empowering the being. It helps the way that helps you to change and heal yourself by giving you control of your emotional state, release negative emotions, transform your thinking, and help you to reprogram your thought process. It makes you relax, give perspective to see the events with a new outlook, and balance the unsettling emotions.

Don’t get rid of emotions and thoughts, get aware of them

Meditation never makes you get rid of your emotions and thoughts. As they play an important role in being who you are. But rather help you to be aware and understand them to create a balance. Healing and rejuvenating practice of yoga and meditation take you inward. Making you more aware of self, discover the new you, connect you to a spiritual being, and build positivity. All this together pull you away from past, not emotions, turning you to be stronger. It heals you throughout, making you keep the past in the past for a new beginning.

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Things that are gone are meant to be, that’s why it is named past. Free yourself to live your life in the present to the fullest.

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