While skin tags are normally considered to be harmless, they can be irritating depending on where they are located. This condition is characterized by tags or pieces of skin protruding of the body’s surface. These parts of the surface are made from collagen that has gathered in the one place but they also contain nerves, ducts and fibers. They are usually painless but can get in the way of clothing, zippers, razors, or other such things. When caught in objects, they are often very painful. If the area has been cut it will likely bleed.

Many of the common areas that are affected by this problem tend to be hidden from plain sight. For example, the majority of areas include the groin, under the breasts, or in the arm pit. However, In some cases, they are in full view of other individuals such as those on the eyelids or neck. As a result, they are able to impact individuals’ self esteem and cause them to be more self-conscious.

There are methods of getting rid of skin tags. Some of the options are home remedies while others may be purchased at the drug store. When the tags are particularly stubborn, a visit to the doctor may be required. Of course, before any treatment is used, individuals are advised to check with their doctor to make sure it is in fact a skin tag and not some other form of skin condition.

Home Remedies for Skin Tags

There are many treatments that can be used at home that work for this issue. Because of the variations between individuals and the severity of the skin tags, different options may have varying effects. For some of these, an individual will not know if the remedy works on them until after a couple of months. With any of these treatments, unless there is skin irritation caused, it is important to use the solution on a consistent basis.


Oregano Oil

First it should be noted that oregano oil is not to be used around the eye area. It will cause irritation and possibly more. This solution is only to be used on less sensitive areas and it has to be diluted in another type of oil. A great route for using this solution is to mix two or three drops of oil into twice as many drops of coconut oil. Once it is mixed well, it can then be placed on the inflicted areas. It is recommended to apply this mixture to the tags three times a day. The individual will notice the tag changing color from red to purple to black. When it changes to black, it is about ready to fall off.

Tea Tree Oil

This substance is known for drying out acne and other similar skin conditions. However, in can also be utilized to get rid of skin tags. There are two main methods for getting results. The first includes soaking a cotton ball in clean water, squeezing out the access liquid and applying four or five drops of the oil onto the cotton. This can then be placed on each tag and massaged into the skin. The other method is very similar. However, instead of putting the undiluted tea tree oil onto the cotton ball, the oil is diluted by adding an equal amount of water. This latter method is advised for individuals with sensitive skin. It may take up to ten days to see results.

Dandelion Stem Juice

This is possibly the cheapest method of eliminating the condition. A person only needs to have access to dandelions. These plants can be picked fresh from the yard and the stems squeezed. There is a milky liquid that comes from the stem. This substance can be applied right to the area without using a cotton ball or other material. It should be left alone to dry onto the skin. Individuals choosing to use this route should apply the juice four times a day. The tag will eventually turn black and fall off like with the other methods. It should be noted that anyone allergic to ragweed may also be allergic to dandelions. If this is the case, the person is advised to check with their doctor regarding the use of this option.

Lemon Juice

This product is used to treat numerous conditions pertaining to the body’s surface. If a person has fresh lemons, the citric acid in them can really assist with this problem. The individual only has to cut the lemons and apply a slice to the tag. The citric acid gets rid of the decomposing cells making the tag disappear. The juice should be left on the area to let it dry out. It can be applied three times a day for best results.

Apple Cider Vinegar


This is another item that is commonly used to treat skin conditions. It too is acidic with various anti-bacterial properties like the other solutions. The skin should be washed and dried properly before applying the vinegar. A cotton ball can then be soaked in the apple cider vinegar and applied to the skin. It is recommended that the process be repeated three times per day.

Pineapple Juice

The delicious and nutritious drink can be a aromatic way to eliminate this particular issue. The individual may either blend a few pieces of pineapple to extract the juice or rub the pineapple segments onto the skin. It is usually advised that the pineapple is blended and the juice soaked up with a cotton ball to be placed on the area. In either case, the real juice is to be applied to the area twice a day for the best outcome. This should be done for several weeks or until the individual sees the results.


Not everyone likes the smell of garlic but this remedy tends to work fairly quickly. Real cloves of garlic are to be crushed into a paste then applied to the tag before going to bed. A bandage is required to go over the area to keep the paste in the right place. In the morning, the bandage should be removed and the area washed. This process can be repeated for a few days. That is usually how long it takes to product results.

Aloe Vera

Such a solution is often suitable for any skin type but is often recommended for people with sensitive skin. It is very soothing and refreshing while working to eliminate the issue at hand. It is possible to cut the leaf of the plant and apply it right to the affected area. However, a person may choose to purchase the unfiltered and unprocessed aloe gel. This can be applied with a cotton ball. The solution may be applied up to several times a day to the area. The length of time to see results may vary. It is often possible to see faster results when the aloe vera is mixed with black walnut hull paste.

Vitamin E

It is possible to use vitamin E oil from the edible capsules or utilize the non-edible liquid form. Whatever the choice, the oil may be applied directly to the lesion and rubbed into the area. This action can be repeated two or three times per day. It may take between one and two weeks for the issue to be resolved.

These particular methods often work well and there are many to choose from. This selection allows people from all sorts of backgrounds to choose something that they have more access to. There is another common method but there is a lot of risk, therefore a person needs to be careful if they choose to employ it.

Bloodroot and the Risk Involved

Bloodroot is one of the natural methods used to get rid of skin tags as well as other conditions including skin cancer. The reason for this is because the herb eats away at skin cells. The issue with this remedy is that bloodroot eats away at any type of skin cell, not just those that are unwanted. If a person is going to use this particular method, they must do so while exercising extreme caution.

The usual route of utilizing this method is mixing the bloodroot powder with water to make a paste. It is then applied in small amounts to the skin tag but no other area. It may be left on the skin with a bandage over it for two hours for three times a day. Each time after the two hour period, the herb must be washed off completely. Individuals not having experience with this herb in the past may want to consult a doctor about its use or try a different solution.

Store Bought Products

Individuals may prefer to buy products that are pre-made that have been designed to treat this issue. There are a number of alternatives available. Some of the key ingredients of natural remedies include a combination of tea tree oil, garlic oil, oregano oil, mint, and other similar ingredients. A common substance found in chemical removers is a diluted form of nitrogen or substances that have similar effects on the skin. Such components must be used carefully because they can affect the health of surrounding skin cells.

When using store purchased products, it is essential that the individual follows the given instructions. If skin irritation occurs, the person is advised to stop using the solution right away. Patients may want to ask a doctor for their recommendations. Normally the professionals have products that they feel are suitable for the condition and situation.

Medical Procedures

Doctors offer methods of removing skin tags. It is possible to go to the medical office or the hospital for these procedures. If a person visits the doctor and asks about these procedures, they may have a home kit recommended to them. There are kits that are made from strong chemicals able to remove the tags. These can be suitable alternatives. For the people who would rather a professional take care of the issue, the following procedures may be viable options.



Such a method is completed using a laser. The skin is burned off with an electrical current.


This is a process that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the area. The tag involved eventually falls off if it does not come off right away. The procedure is usually not very painful. Usually, the patient only feels a cold sensation or discomfort in that area.


The procedure may use some localized anesthetic. The skin is removed using a scalpel.


Such a process includes tying a small band around the tag to cut off the blood flow. When the circulation is stopped, the flesh dies and falls off.

There may be some preparation required for some of the above mentioned solutions. The cryosurgery is often very basic and may only need the areas to be cleaned. However, other methods may need some form of anesthesia or other similar things. This process may depend on the professional involved. It is always recommended that patients follow the instructions given for the preparation and for taking care of the region after the procedure.

Methods of Skin Tags Elimination to Avoid

It is possible to find all sorts of removal methods, especially online. It can be tempting to do the removal with faster methods such as through using nail clippers or scissors. There are a few risks with these methods. There may be germs on the tools used, therefore potentially infecting the area. The lesions are a part of the body and therefore, they bleed. They need proper care after any procedure. The process done using scissors or clippers makes it more difficult to care for the areas. There is often also more pain involved. Numbing the pain is possible through the use of ice. Germs may be killed through antibiotic ointments or creams. However, it is often advised to use other methods aside from these choices because of the risk involved.

The Importance of Aftercare

Like with any other type of skin condition, aftercare is important. Whether a person uses surgery, a chemical treatment or a natural remedy, there may be ways to care for the body’s surface afterwards. In the case of surgery or a chemical treatment, moisturizing and antibacterial solutions may be required. The process for caring the skin after a home remedy may vary. Often, moisturizers like aloe vera are helpful.

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