Firing airsoft rifles might not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about personal wellbeing.

However, there is much more to playing airsoft than meets the eye, and if you are looking for a testing sport or stress-relieving outlet, this may be the activity for you.

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As a unique sport which challenges both fitness and mindset, the game is attracting a growing interest of people. Discover why airsoft is an all-round healthy activity below!

What is Airsoft?

If you’re unfamiliar with airsoft, here is a brief overview.

An airsoft player in the woods with a airsoft gun

The airsoft game consists of two opposing teams which will each have a mission to achieve. Numerous objectives will have to be accomplished by each team, and small goals within the game will need to be completed. For example, one aim might be to capture a flag, and another may be to defend the main base.

All in all, shooting the opposition lies at the forefront of the game; essentially this is how you win. There are other variations of the game too, but this is something you will learn as you play more!

Is Airsoft Similar to Paintballing?

There are general similarities of an airsoft game to paintballing in terms of trying to shoot the opposing team, but best not to mention this to an airsoft player!

There are some significant differences, mainly regarding equipment, the attention to detail, and the tactics involved, which is often the main appeal for a player.

Creating a sense of realism is also a key element of airsoft and is something that paintballing doesn’t provide in quite the same way.

Physically Demanding

Let’s kick off with the physical demands required in airsoft.

Airsoft games tend to be lengthy, lasting anywhere between two to three hours and a whole day!

A group of airsoft players in an abandoned building

As you can imagine, that is a lot of movement! Running is the main cardio in the game. However, there is a lot of crawling, jumping, crouching…anything to get you out of sight from the opposition!

It is worth mentioning that not only are you on the move, but you’re also carrying equipment, which offers weight training too!

It is not uncommon for new players to feel fitter after a few games of airsoft due to the physical demands on the body. With so much activity, all the while your mind remaining on the ultimate objective of the game, it is a workout without the realisation of doing one (which is everyone’s favourite form of exercise)!

Mentally Challenging

As previously mentioned, a primary aspect of airsoft is the focus on tactics. With this comes many mental challenges and requires quick thinking. Ambushes could happen at any moment, and you need to be prepared to think of a quick solution to protect you and your team from being shot.

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Creating strategic plans is also at the centre of the game, so it allows you to be creative while exercising skills in problem-solving.

A Break From Other Stresses

Airsoft is a great activity to take your mind away from other stresses because it requires your full attention. It also allows you to break free from your phone, and external distractions such as emails and social media are minimised.

Many players find this beneficial for their mental health, and it feels like a well-needed release.

A group of airsoft players running in a wood

Fresh Air

Skirmish sites are often in outdoor wooded areas. It is hard to argue with the fact that being outdoors helps to maintain a person’s mental and physical health. The benefits of being outdoors are endless, and throwing physical activity, socialising and focus into the mix; it is a recipe for success!

Brings People Together

Everyone is welcome at airsoft. The community encourages anyone to give it a go, no matter your ability! Airsoft can boost your confidence and offer opportunities for socialising too.

You may be surprised by the like-minded people you meet. Lots of players use it as a way to escape the usual stresses of life, and no doubt you will make lifelong friends the more involved you are.

Do you think you are ready to give airsoft a go? Why not check out your local skirmish sites and see when you can get started!

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