It’s a common misconception that only women go for plastic surgery. Men do too, and in fact it has become increasingly common. Patients who have undergone plastic surgery Toronto are a mix of men and women, as men have realized that they can also do something about their appearance besides growing a beard or getting a different haircut. That’s why in 2017, more than 214,000 procedures were performed on male patients.

So which types of plastic surgery are the most popular for the menfolk? These are the top 5 in 2017:

1. Nose Reshaping

This is called Rhinoplasty, and it’s the most popular plastic surgery procedure for men. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported 52,393 operations for men were performed in 2017 alone.


Men get this procedure when they get their noses broken in fights and sports, and sometimes they want it to improve their breathing. But nose jobs are also great in improving a man’s look, just like it does for women.

It takes a few weeks for the swelling to go down, and it may take an entire year for the nose to achieve its final shape. The rewards are great, but there’s a risk of accidentally puncturing a hole in your septum.

2. Eyelid Surgery

This is called blepharoplasty though others just call it eyelid rejuvenation. The procedure removes the eye bags and minimizes the fine lines, so that men can look much younger. In addition, those with additional skin on their upper eyelids can have it removed to improve their vision. In other words, men look better and they see better too.


Another benefit of this procedure is that the resulting scarring is very minimal. It doesn’t show a lot of evidence, which suits most men who would rather not have it publicized that they’ve had plastic surgery done on them.

The procedure only takes an overnight stay at a hospital. It’s common to have some bit of swelling and redness afterwards, but the pain is very minimal and only in the incision areas.

3. Liposuction

This is also among the top 5 plastic surgery procedures for women, and it’s easy to understand why at Wilson Browne Solicitors. The procedure takes out the excess fatty deposits to give men a much slimmer shape. With the obesity rates for men and their tendency to accumulate large bellies, this procedure is certainly a boon for men.


The procedure involves inserting a small tube inside the target areas to dislodge the fat, and then a surgical vacuum is used to siphon off the fat. Recovering from liposuction surgery takes about 2 weeks and then the patient can resume normal activities.

This is obviously a much shorter time to get rid of fat compared to dieting and exercising alone. It’s easier too. What’s more, the new body shape tends to encourage men to finally work out and eat right.

4. Breast Reduction

A lot of men are tired of man-boob jokes and questions about what bra they’re wearing, There have been a lot of over-the-counter supplements for this problem, but the breast reduction surgery is a sure thing.


The main problem with excessively large male breasts is that it may not be caused by obesity with fat deposits in the chest area. The man may have gynecomastia that results in swollen male breast tissues. No dieting or exercise can fix this because it’s a hormonal issue.

5. Hair Transplantation

Balding is a very common problem for men, especially as they get older. It’s hard to look younger when you don’t have as much hair anymore. Hair transplant surgery is the surest solution to the problem, but the downside is that it is very expensive.


One method of hair transplant surgery is to take hair from other parts of your body (like the side of your scalp or your back) and then it’s transplanted into the bald area. The alternative follicular unit transplantation (FUT) puts in whole strips of hair instead of single follicles.

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