There are many forms of exercising you can still explore. For many people, the word ‘exercise’ almost always strictly means having to move about and undertaking various strenuous activities. It’s tantamount to jogging in the morning for a few miles, doing jumping jacks, lunges, squats, and other aerobic exercises, and for those looking to get a ripped body, this might also mean lifting heavy weights. While these are all well and good, not everyone is up to such activities. Some would prefer a more peaceful and relaxing exercise that can still get them fitter and trimmer in no time. Among such alternatives, vibration exercising is effective.

This infographic shows that you can still get all the health benefits of doing the mainstream exercises by taking on whole-body vibration training. When you jog, you’re decreasing your blood pressure. But you can also do this by spending a few minutes on a vibrating plate. You also improve your balance when dance or do yoga. But during a whole-body vibration session, you can still acquire the same benefit without having to lift a finger. Although the results may take longer than actually doing the physical workouts, you’re still assured of getting the same desired results.

When you do go for vibration exercising, there are certain disciplines upon which you should still take into account. One of the first is patience, as hitting your fitness goals with this machine will take longer than when you’re jogging or doing aerobics. However, you can pair both exercises and more with the vibrations to really reach your goal weight and body. In fact, for those that are physically able to do physical exercises, but still want to go for vibration therapy, doing both at the same time is highly recommended. Despite the physicalities, you’ll end up more relaxed after every workout.

Secondly, you have to be consistent in doing your vibration training. This is doubly more important when you opting for just the vibrations without the extra exercise. To really get your desired results, you’re going to have to do these sessions again and again. Since this is a simple, easy, and even relaxing exercise, there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t be able to do it consistently. And finally, when you’re doing this exercise, it’s vital that you pair it with a well-balanced diet. Make sure you have enough vitamins and minerals to really uphold your health as you do vibration exercising.


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