The TV stand is a solution that is not very popular in homes, functional more in office or conference applications.

Its most important advantage is mobility, which allows you to easily and quickly set up the TV in the desired place, for example, during a company training, conference, or presentation and meeting with clients.

What kind of TV stand to choose?

Are you thinking about buying the right stand for your TV? It doesn’t matter if you have a Samsung, LG, or another screen brand. Our universal products will ensure the stable use of any monitor.

Yaheetech TV stands are now an essential accessory for modern conference rooms.

The TV stand has several features you should pay attention to when buying. First, we must assess what height of the stand we need. This is important if you want to use it, for example, during conferences in large halls, where the highest models (e.g., 150 – 170 cm) will work best.

Secondly, let’s pay attention to the maximum weight of the TV that a given stand model can carry and the device’s size (in inches). It is also important to make sure that the stand you choose is mounted in the VESA standard corresponding to your TV model. This is a typical solution, but it is worth checking, just in case.

Cable masking device – an important accessory.

Undoubtedly useful is the so-called cable grille, thanks to which the cables do not get tangled and conspicuous. This is of practical and aesthetic importance. Shelves are another matter. Often racks are equipped with a top and bottom shelf, and there are also models with only one shelf. Shelves can provide additional space within the TV, for example, for setting up additional equipment. It’s also worth considering the ability to rotate the screen to the right or left or tilt it up or down.

What to look for when buying a TV stand?


tv stand

Each TV stand also has a certain load capacity. You don’t need to worry about this parameter in most cases because the design is prepared to hold modern TVs. Lifting capacity can be important when the stand is also used as a rack for other heavy equipment or books.

It is also worth considering the adjustment of the display’s tilt angle and horizontal rotation. TV stands offer a wide variety of possibilities here.

On sale, you will find stands with an adjustable tilt of up to 90 degrees and horizontal rotation of up to 120 degrees. Some are practically static and only allow a maximum of 5-8 degrees of tilt. Others are rotational and are definitely more flexible. If the stand is purchased for exhibitions and conferences, choosing a model that can be rotated horizontally and vertically will be practical.

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TV stands also differ in additional features. Before buying, consider whether you need shelves or a system to streamline cable organization.

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