Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so you should give it just as much attention. If you start to feel a slump or stressed out more than usual, then it is helpful to know how to give your mind a positive boost, so here are six mood boosters for optimal mental health. 

1. A Walk in Nature

A walk in nature is great for exercise and reconnecting with the natural world. It is especially important for those that work at their computers to take some time away and get some sunlight – a lack of vitamin D can lead to low mood. Next lunch break, take a trip to your local park and soak up the tweeting birds, soft sunlight, and open skies. 

2. A SAD Lamp

One of the biggest causes of low mood in the winter is a lack of vitamin D, and this is due to the absence of sunlight. One of the easiest ways to combat this is to get yourself a SAD lamp. By sitting in front of one for a short time every day, you will make up for all the lost sunshine during the colder months.

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If you feel your low mood is more severe in the winter months, then consider looking for medical treatment for overcoming severe depression. While a SAD lamp might help if you have depression, then you must see a medical professional.

3. Tidy Your House

If you are in a slump, then a simple way to get out of it is to give your surroundings a tidy. Living in a messy house can have a dramatic effect on your mood, lowering your productivity and compromising your comfort. When you have the time, get some comfortable clothes on, put your favorite tunes on, and get to work decluttering and cleaning your whole house. Once you have completed it, you will feel refreshed. 

4. Watch a Comedy

It’s true – laughter is the best medicine. When you feel particularly low, stick one of your favorite comedies on and let the laughter take away the sadness. It might take you a while to get into it if you’re feeling low, but by the end of the show, you will feel much lighter. 

5. Call a Friend

Your friends are there for a reason, so do not block them out when you feel low. If you need an instant mood booster, then call your friend for a comforting, long chat. Venting about your problems can help, but if you don’t want to burden them, then a simple conversation about frivolous issues can be enough to make you feel better. 

6. A Hug

Physical contact is important for your mood, so hug your friends and family when you can! Sometimes, all somebody needs is a long hug to make them feel instantly better.

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Finding the right mood boosters for when you are feeling down is a healthy habit to get into. So, let your emotions play out and get back to feeling positive by doing the activities that make you happiest.

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