Doing up your hair in a different color to give you a stylish twist, feels like a whiff of fresh air! Especially, when you are feeling low or have just survived a break up or simply, because you wish to refurbish your personality. However, be aware of the right way of hair dyeing else it could lead to hair damage. It is very important to learn the right method and technique of hair dyeing and avoid the mistakes which are very commonly made.

Not Washing Hair before Dyeing

You are being warned not to use any kind of hair color on dirty hair. Always be mindful of washing your hair squeaky clean, and only then apply hair color on it. The chemicals present in the color reacts to the dirt present on your hair strands, even worse if your hair are entangled and dry. Remember to trim your hair wash it and condition at least before a week of using hair color.

Opting Hair Color without Testing

Swear by a patch test before opting for any kind of color for your hair. Ideally, apply it on the back side of your ears to check whether your skin is allergy prone or any kind of abrasive reaction could occur or not. Also, it is recommended to color a strand of your hair to check results. Be safe, testify everything before dyeing your hair, it would save a lot of your hassle later.

Being Careless About Skin Protection

Before applying hair color, it is extremely essential to cover up your skin with an old piece of cloth so that color does not drip directly on the exposed skin. Applying Vaseline Jelly also ensures that your skin is protected and will not take any harmful effects of hair color.

Not Adhering To Instructions Written On the Pack

A common mistake which people make while dyeing their hair is listening to their own mind and not paying heed to the instructions mentioned at the back side of the pack. Let the color stay on your hair only as long as it is mentioned there. Do not try to be a hair expert yourself without proper knowledge. Leaving color for prolonged periods can damage your hair making it become brittle and dry.

Not Matching Your Complexion

Nothing acts as a bigger turn off than to see light colored hair on a relatively darker skin, or vice versa. Please do not be inspired by the hair color of the beautiful model on the pack of hair color, and go for it simply because she is looking gorgeous in it. You have a different face cut, complexion, hair type and your own particular personality. Choose a hair color that complements your personality the best.

One Fits All

Wait a minute; you have no doubt bought a hair color that is applicable to the hair on your head. But it would be frivolous to think that this hair color could be used to color the hair present on your eyebrows and eyelashes. Both these hair types are different and are have their own particular sensitive areas. You could push yourself into trouble as there would be a major break out of itchiness and rashes. If by mistake, the color goes into your eyes, the chemicals could damage your eyes severely.

Fixing It Yourself

You have finally got your hair color done with every hope of looking gorgeous after it, but oops! Here you are sitting in front of the mirror looking at your hair in despair and frustration. Your hair color probably did not look the way you had imagined and chances are that your new look is horrifying you no end. Do not give in to desperation or run to people with little or no expertise in hair styling, for advice. And please, for heaven`s sake do not try to be your own expert and apply therapies and treatments to fix your issue.

Visit a professional salon and consider taking the treatment which they are rendering. Remember, hair color is a scientific process and removal or fixing it up will require an equally scientific approach.

Not Protecting Hair Color after Dyeing

Certain hair care products do not support hair colour and lead to fading of hair colour when used for washing. Damaging hair color which you chose with so much heart could get disheartening, hence check out products which are hair colour friendly, to keep the tones intact.

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