Name a girl who would dare to attend a party without applying foundation on her face? None! Many are obsessed with makeup and there is nothing wrong about that. But, anything that goes beyond limits will surely affect your personality and in this case, too much of foundation can ruin your look and skin too. Many assume that applying foundation is really easy and all they need to do is dab some foundation on the face. Is it the right way?

How to Choose Foundation?

Before we proceed towards the best way to apply foundation, it is essential to know how to choose foundation. Choosing the right type of foundation for your face is the key to a flawless look. If we are choosing foundation solely on your complexion and skin tone you are surely making a mistake. Two important things should be taken into consideration – your skin type as well as your skin tone.

#1. Find your match

Choosing the right foundation is really difficult but you can find one by testing them on a patch of your skin. It is said that only 15 percent of people can choose the right kind of foundation that is suitable for their skin tone whereas the others end up buying foundation which they think is good for them.

#2. For oily skin

When a foundation comes in contact with oily skin it generally gives an uneven look on the face. Dealing with oily skin is really difficult and above that applying foundation becomes really very difficult. You should choose oil-free liquids that do not clog your pores and those are light in weight as well as the amount of silicone used in it is very less.

#3. Dry skin

You need to look for a foundation that does not end up drying your skin much more. You should ask for help so that you can try the foundation on a small patch of skin and see the results. Make sure that you don’t choose foundation that is made for oily skin because it will end up making your skin drier and worst.

#4. Sensitive skin

You should look forward to a foundation that does not trigger any kind of acne on your face. The best pick is herbal or organic kind of foundation else you can also go with foundations that contain fewer amounts of chemicals and ingredients.

What are the Best Ways to Apply Foundation?

After you have picked up the right foundation suitable for your skin tone, we would proceed further with few easy tips to apply foundation like a pro.

#1. Clean face

It is very important to apply foundation with a clean face. Many of them believe, they are indoors the whole day and hence they start wearing foundation directly on their face which is completely wrong. You should clean your face and then proceed to wear the foundation. All you need to do is take one cotton ball and take some moisturiser or a cleanser. Now clean your face using this and wait for some time, not more than 10 minutes. One important thing to consider is you should use a cleanser that you have already used so as not to develop any rashes later on.

#2. Moisturise

After you have cleansed your skin, you should focus on the moisturising part. Many clean their face and apply foundation directly, which is not correct. There are chances you will have an uneven look over the face and also clogged pores. So the best thing to do is moisturising your skin with a lotion.You should concentrate more on areas that have large sized pores. It’s best to warm up cream in between your hands and then press it onto the skin. If you have oily skin, you should use a gel based moisturiser that is matte. Try applying the cream or lotion using a brush or your fingertips.

#3. Use some ice

This is one secret that I would like to share. Using ice can help to create a good base and also help to make your foundation last longer. All you need to do is take some ice cubes and rub on your face and especially on the under eye area. This will help to reduce the swollen areas and also make your skin look fresh and good. Rubbing ice on your face can help to boost blood circulation in the face thus giving you glamorous and clean face.

#4. Apply Foundation with the Foundation Brush

The best way to apply foundation is applying with the use of foundation brush. You should start from the centre of the face and then blend outwards.

#5. Blend once again

If you have a sponge at home, you should blend the foundation on areas like the nose corners, under eyes and near the ears. You should dampen the sponge and then spread the foundation towards the ends as it won’t absorb any foundation but will help to achieve flawless skin. Your fingertips can do the trick too but it needs some experience.

#6. Conceal the areas

You should conceal the areas using a brush so that there are no flaws left behind. It helps to hide any blemishes and fine lines appearing on the face. You should conceal the under eye area and especially the nose corners as they are hard to reach. Most of them use brushes to conceal the area, but I recommend you using fingertips to conceal the area and blending the right amount of foundation acquired.

#7. Set up

Applying foundation tips and tricks includes using translucent or loose powder as well. You can use a small, natural hair brush that will help to set up your makeup completely. Make sure to apply some loose powder in between the brows, under the eye, around the nose and much more.

#8. Use of Tissue Paper

One of the most important tip is you should use tissue paper so that the extra foundation can be rubbed off. Generally, most of the people use cloth which may end up removing major chunks of foundation on the face and hence it is extremely essential to use tissue paper on the face.

Different Types of Foundation Available in the Market

When it comes to choosing the foundation formula, you should look forward to foundations those are extremely light in weight and looks natural. Many foundations are good in texture but they end up making your face look artificial.

There are many varieties of foundation available in the market and you can pick any one among them according to your preference, likes, choices and budget. When you’re choosing a foundation, the choice can sometimes be bewildering, especially when you find out just how many different types of foundation there are.

#1. Spray Foundation

One of the best types of foundations in the market is spray foundation. Spray foundations give you an airbrushed look which means flawless face. You will need to choose where you spray the foundation and blend it quickly to get a flawless finish. If you end up getting layers on skin, use makeup cleanser to remove it off.

#2. Tinted moisturiser

Tinted moisturiser comes next in the list when it comes to a different type of foundation. This moisture is a type of foundation that is specially formulated for summer. The SPF is not so high but this type of foundation blends on your face well and avoids from forming patches due to heat. It gives a natural and warm look.

#3. Sheer Foundation

The sheer foundation may be the type of foundation you are looking for if your choice is sort of dazzling. The sheer foundation works best on all types of skin and helps to give you a sheer and dazzling look. People with oily skin may stay away from sheer foundation because it contains a high amount of silicone in it.

#4. Powder Foundation

Powder foundation is generally known as the compact foundation, which is one among the traditional and oldest forms of foundation available. Powder foundation is a great combination of liquid foundation mixed along with powder foundation and goes equally well with all kind of skin. Generally, people use powder foundation while travelling as it is good and compact to carry in a handbag.

#5. Stick Foundation

Like the name says, stick foundation is extremely sticky with its consistency but gives an excellent coverage on the skin. Stick foundation if not applied correctly the face might end up looking like a cake with icing. There are also chances that the face will look oily because the foundation itself has good amount of oil content in it. This requires some experience. If you are an amateur then stay from it.

#6. Waterproof Foundation

Waterproof foundation is best suitable during rainy days and for the beach trips. They can be used regularly for those of you who sweat profusely. Only disadvantage is the waterproof foundation can be a bit too persistent and clog up your pores. Also removing waterproof foundation is difficult and you will need a cleanser or makeup remover to get rid of it.

#7. Cream Foundation

Cream foundations are easily available and most preferred one for working women. It is like a moisturising cream which can be applied directly and blended well with the help of a brush or your fingertips. If you are looking to use foundation on a daily basis, you should opt to cream foundation as they weigh less and make you feel lighter.

#8. Mineral foundation

Have you ever heard about mineral makeup? Mineral makeup is generally formulated for those girls who opt for natural products rather than anything artificial or chemically made. Mineral foundation is expensive than all of the mentioned above but is extremely skin friendly. It blends so well that you don’t need to make an effort to do that. It gives your face a good coverage and makes your skin look flawless. This foundation is extremely good for those who have sensitive, acne prone and dry skin. Woman with such skin problems can go ahead with mineral foundation.

#9. Mousse

Mousse works great on the dry and matte skin and they are generally preferred by girls who prefer heavy makeup. If you are comfortable with the texture you can prefer using a mousse as it suits all types of skin. Stick foundation and mousse stays longer than any other foundation mentioned in this list.

These were few important makeup tips and tricks on how to choose foundation according to your skin type and how to apply foundation. You should love them.

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