Your preparation to your IVF fertility journey serves as the time to prepare your soil. If the IVF procedure is a success, you can expect to get pregnant so prepare your body and provide your baby the best start possible. The preparation will provide support to your hormonal and reproductive system, make nutrients available during the early phase of fetal development, nourish your body and make the tools for handling stress available.

The success rate of an IVF depends upon some factors that include cause of fertility, age, and the clinic you choose to have the procedure carried out. There are a lot of various options to explore that will help you in increasing your IVF success rates. A number of therapies have research-supported results while others are based upon anatomical or nutritional knowledge and help by giving support to the health of your reproductive system and body in general.

Fertility Cleansing

This can help you in preparing the soil before you become pregnant. It supports the health of your liver to ensure property hormone balance and healthy liver function. Also, it aids in body cleansing. Additionally, fertility cleansing helps in supporting uterine health through increased circulation, aids the uterus in its ability to clear out any old menstrual blood and tone the uterine muscles.


Fertility Massage

This natural therapy can help you in preparing for your IVF procedure and pregnancy. Although conventional massage minimizes stress and increases circulation, fertility massage helps in increasing circulation of blood to the reproductive system and supporting a good ovarian-uterine environment. You can choose to hire a general massage therapist or a therapist who specializes in abdominal massage or fertility massage.

Consuming a Fertility Diet

Nutrition is the basic of a healthy fertility and pregnancy. It can directly affect the child’s health and development. A natural fertility diet involves consuming food that supports your body’s reproductive efforts. This includes foods containing certain nutrients required for hormonal function, balance and production, egg health, sperm health, fetal development as well as blood health. A fertility diet must be consumed for a minimum of two or three months before the IVF.

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These help in protecting the sperm and egg from free radical damage that can negatively impact cellular health and cell DNA. The egg or ovum is the body’s longest living cell and as years pass, it becomes more vulnerable and exposed to free radicals every day. This can add up. Antioxidants must be taken by both men and women to help in improving egg health before IVF.

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